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Hong Kong Day 6 || Citygate Hong Kong

After our disappointment of not getting tickets to Macau, and after fixing our coffee at Starbucks, we then proceed with our unplanned schedule.  Well, again, I am not so sure whether we re-visited the Sham Shui Po after or before our long walked to China Ferry Terminal. 

But anyway, here are some of the pics. 

and as mentioned in our previous post, this is our third time  stopping by at Sham Shui Po hoping to buy good fabrics around this area. Unfortunately, most (read: all) shops were closed due to the Chinese New Year Celebration. 

As we exited the MTR station, immediately you would see rows of traders around this area. Am not too sure whether this is only in conjunction with CNY or this flea market is a day-to-day activity in Sham Shui Po. 

Well, i might say, that this flea market is one of the most local place for Hong Kong residents. Different streets have different category of items, like right after you exit the MTR station, on your right, there will be traders selling only electronic goods while if you go straight up, you can search for china antics items, shoes, shirts, etc.

the price here are pretty reasonable as compared to other two flea markets that i managed to visit (i.e. Temple Night Market & Ladies' Market). We didn't buy anything here except some fruits especially persimmons :)

After the short visit to Sham Shui Po, we then heading towards Tung Chung as a friend told me that never missed this place and she described it as "Shopping Heaven".

Ok, i almosttttt skip this area (Citygate) but since we got nothing to do, so we decided to check out this place.

How to get to Citygate

Citygate shopping mall is located around 10 minutes from the airport. so, you can reach here by taxi (Urban taxi) or by MTR. If you take a taxi, you will arrive here approximately around 8-10 minutes from Airport. Well, actually we did visit for the second time the next day (will update later) after checking in at the airport and it costs me around RM70 in total. (Airport - Citygate - Airport) .

Since we were from Sham Shui Po, so we used MTR to get here.  

the MTR line is the same line that guide you to Disneyland Resort where you need to stop by at Tung Chung station (the last station). So it takes you around 30-40 minutes to reach here from Tsim Sha Tsui / Sham Shui Po to Tung Chung.

After you exit the Tung Chung station, the Citygate is on your left and yes!! the crowd is crazy especially at the famous department. I already targeted to buy sports shoes, and i had no choice but to survey at Adidas and Puma which already demanding some fresh air. Honestly, the price is so damn cheap. When i said damn, yes it is damn cheap. I was truly satisfied with my purchases.

Imagine, with one Adidas sport shoes and 2 adidas sports attire, it only costs me around RM300++ (yes Ringgit Malaysia), I assure you, you would not get that price in Malaysia even in JPO (ya ya im that confident :)) and of cos, it is not the new arrival of Adidas-lah. but who cares rite hehe

and finally, i trusted my friend. She keep telling me that if Im intend to reward myself with something different, she asked me to really pay a visit here. and she is right hehe

As a woman, of cos im not that one impulse buyer when it comes to expensive items. You know, i didnt do shopping that much, but if i think i wanted my item to last longer, I will opt for a good quality brand. At least i spent around 40 minutes to get the right sport shoes. my sister, Cikyah is so nice tailing with me around.

My boys were very supportive, didnt complaint and just waited for me at one place .. and Emir has to do his chess tactics with his father.

You have to Q to enter Kate Spade, Coach and Michael Kors only, which i did for these 3 outlets. Almost to buy another handbag at Michael Kors.. I mean this handbag.. 

Image result for michael kors denim bag

(source: google)

This is not the exact bag, couldnt find the right bag. But the material is the same. I keep telling myself, RM700 is equivalent to Emir's chess activities per month huhu.. So I managed to stop myself BUTTTTT

I regretted!!

RM700 for Michael Kors is cheap..



Yerp, i still regret till today haha..

Next, my visit to Coach.

The bags didnt amuse me that much because the pattern that i like was way above my budget. But right before i left Coach, suddenly i saw lanyards. Telling you, I ve been searching for Coach lanyards around the world everytime my friend went for a vacation. from US to UK to Italy, i even think that Coach is no longer produce the lanyards. So, when i saw this lanyards, this is something big for me...

Only 3 patterns left. 

and the price was only RM140 -- cheapppp riteeeee.. it would be alot cheaper if only if MYR is strong.

But..... when I was already excited to purchase this lanyard, the salesgirl informed that I could only purchase this only if i buy any Coach bags.. 

and nooo... 


What did i do?

Tebal muka tumpang others customers lol.. So, i need to quickly screen my target and i saw this one guy, alone, on the phone and looks very gentleman. He is the person who is wearing spec in the below picture looking to your left, maybe he is a tourist from Arab.

He was already on the line with few bags in hand. and I nicely asked him whether he could assist to purchase this bag, and without hesitation he said OK. yuhuuu..

But, you know .... this one sales girl was giving me a look but ..... well, :D

Yeay, got my lanyard.. sooo happpy!!!

We wanted to explore more outlets, but the time didnt permit me to do so as we have yet to perform our prayers. At first, we wanted to find a space hidden at the outlet, but mr husband decided to find other musollah. But it was already too late, and we just stopped at MTR Mei Foo with no direction.

Told you before right, it is quite a challenge to search for a public toilet in Hong Kong. We were running out of time, rushing and quickly looking for a public toilet, but it was nowhere to be found.. grrr... we ended up here outside a mall near MTR station. with just two bottles of mineral water, we shared among the 4 of us and this is the place we performed our solat. Next to the busy road.. Alhamdulillah, nothing happened to us..So lesson learnt, never ever ever delayed to perform your prayer.. 

This is Mei Foo station. We may not visit the MTR Mei Foo station if it is not because to perform our prayer. and this picture was taken after our prayer lah..

 This is the bus station next to the place where we performed our prayer. I was attracted by this mini bus and decided to just ride on the bus and stopped anywhere.. but the idea was not well accepted haha..

well, until now, im not sure the name of this shopping mall..

till the next entry :)


aimi said...

Alaaaa kenapa la xtau nama tmpt ni... Kalau la baca entry ni sblm ke hong kong... Huhu... :p kami silap tnpt, shopping super mahal :( brg biasa2 je :(

Wan Amira Wan Salleh said...

Nasib tak bace. Nanti total spent lebih dari semua hari dekat HK haha


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