Tuesday, May 31, 2016

my parents 35th year anniversary

and it means, my age is 3+4.

Unlike my mother, my dad seems to remember all the important dates. He is more organized and systematic as compared to my mum and genetically, I followed my mum :). Until now, dad recorded every expenses in his diary and at the same time he has one book to record the exact timing after he took the medicine.

I believe thats the reason why Allah compliment each other. Let me see, as for myself, i read beautifulnara while my husband reads The Edge :p. as simple as that la kan.. 

So this year, in celebrating my parents 35th anniversary, Baba has asked me to arrange something special two months before May. So after i did some survey and discussed among the siblings, we were first planning to stay a night at Malacca. I already book an apartment at The Shorea, Malacca but unfortunately.. 

Two weeks before the actual date, Mum has limited movement. She could not walk and was on bed and on MC at least 1.5 weeks (oh yes, my mum still working). Due to Mama's condition, dad asked me to cancel the plan as Mama is not fit to be on the long journey.

So that is why we ended up having dinner at...

The China Treasure, Sime Darby Convention Centre.

Before I explained further, the food is super superb delicious!! this is my second time here and once again, it never failed  to ruin my diet.. :D

part of it.. 

Actually, we purchased the buffet ticket from Groupon,-- sangat lah berbaloi.. 

Oh, it is buffet style but by order. You order then only the chef will cook for you but you have to make sure you finish alllll of it, otherwise they will charge you as ala carte.

paling tak boleh lupe, i ajar the family to eat this salted egg bun anddddddddddddddd they were seriously crazy about it... ok, i can easily say our family ordered at least 20 sets of this salted egg bun.. GILA! memang rugi lah Sime Darby to have us as their customers :p

and so this is the whole clan of Wan Mohd Salleh prior to the food being served on the table. you see, my father always told me that he own different sizes and features of children. Ada gemuk (its me), kurus, putih, gelap, tinggi, kecikkkk.. we are still considering the family yang baru nak berkembang. Currently, my parents only have 4 grandchildren (thanks to me for only managed to contribute for 1 cucu :))

at the same time, we are celebrating my niece, Asma' second birthday. and my sister is talented enough to bake the birthday cake for her daughter.

wefie, whatever u named it

and you know, it would never be easy to get a perfect picture, and only one person is ready for the camera (welcome to our family, Afiq)

Baba and Mama potong kek tanda 35 tahun kawin. Should learn a lot from them. Honestly, sampai sekarang, i tak pernah nampak my parents bergaduh besar.. haihhh malu pulak dekat Emir.. :)

towards the end of the dinner. masing-masing muka dah kenyang.. 
(well, we asked the waiter to clean up the table :p) 

When everyone was already full, the waiter asked us whether we wanted to place the last order. and suddenly , these two brothers ambik order.. 

Gosh, gila pelahap.. 

and the order was ---- ikan talapia masak ape ntah.. 

The funny part was, my brother, Shahiran (blue tshirt) terkena allergy.. kesian..  my parents had to rush him to the nearest clinic at 2am and the next day, terus MC. we suspected the allergy came from abalone, because that was his last meal.. (udang semua dia tak makan)

aahh.. i really cant get enough of both! ya Allah, bagi lah i peluang dapat anak perempuan...


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Kuala Selangor Jalan Lagi || Hotel Apps Kuala Selangor

Jika anda ingin tempah hotel di Kuala Selangor boleh cuba app HotelsCombined untuk banding dan dapat kadar terbaik

My previous entry on Kuala Selangor have attracted many viewers and even mr. Husband's colleague "accidentally" stopped by at this blog. Ok honestly i am not comfortable if my readers are among my in laws, relatives, colleague and hubby's friends. Segan ler..

But what to do.. Mr google invited them to be here 😁😁😁

Ok, once again we visited Kuala Selangor and i might say, i would rather spend my weekend at Kuala Selangor rather than PD / Sepang as Kuala Selangor suits my need. Small town, fresh seafood, wet market and yummy food. Oklah, i kan suka makan.. 

Source: Google

This time, Emir has a chess competition in SMS Kuala Selangor KUSESS for two days. So, i booked Apps Hotel which was 5-7 minutes away from KUSESS.

The room is toooo small but enough to fit us three. You need to squeeze yourself to  perform your prayer.

As agreed by the reviewers, the hotel is clean and the staff is friendly, definitely can close your eyes on the small room :)

This hotel i think is quite famous in Kuala Selangor. Every session, there is an event running at the hall.

I didnt get much attention on what the hotel can offer but based on the brochure, this is one of the gateaway to watch the firefly (there is a jetty behind this hotel).

Suitable for teambuilding but one thing that disturbed me most was this hotel is next to Karaoke centre so, do request for a higher floor and the room should not face the Karaoke.

The plus point to stay here is, the hotel restaurant served fresh seafood at reasonable price.

This is what we ordered on the second night. Fried salted egg squid, coconut prawn tomyan, omelette (inside has plenty of small shrimp) and not in the picture is udang kara (ok i dont know what we call in english)

Oh this is udang kara. Banyak juga orang luar datang makan di sini..

Satay Hut is one of the famous restaurant in Kuala Selangor. It is famous for its thumb size satay and full of chicken meat (you know not that chicken fat in the middle)

We wanted to come here from the first night but we were so tired after waiting for Emir the whole day. And you know, i need to secure Emir's energy for the next day competition. From Kuala Selangor main town to Satay Hut, it takes approximately 16 minutes without the traffic. So tidaklah dekat sangat...

Apart from satay, Satay Hut is also famous for its Mee Rebus. Do try the Mee Rebus Special for just RM12 as it is full with fresh seafood. Dah la sedap kuahnya...

And this is my favorite place. Pasar Nelayan Sungai Yu...

I memang excited datang sini (very the mak mak type)

This time, i bought Kijing (like Lala) at RM6 per KG, some stringrays, siput and this XL size prawn. Yang lain dah habiss tapi puas hati sebab semua baru naik ke darat. 

Ingat nak bawa balik sikit dekat Kemensah, tapi dah tak larat nak balik ke Melawati... And unfortunately i only own small size freezer. Tak muat nak simpan banyak2... The best reason why i have to repeat my visit here...

Highlight of the day, Alhamdulillah Emir and his school team managed to get no. 8 at the Competition.. Will update this in next next next entry.. #taktaubile

Jom ke Kuala Selangor.. 


Cuti-cuti Kuala Selangor for easy reference

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Be kind - my customers

Everybody knows that my work life is somehow miserable. Luck is always not on my side when it comes to career, but to compare with others, I am grateful that i can still secure a job especially during this difficult times. 

Well, after being job hopping from one to another, honestly, i have identified what is my passion and how i can strive the challenges... that's it -- working with people. But deep in my heart, i certainly do love doing my online business.. 

Once again, though i hated my worklife being a consultant, but after a while, i realized that hey, it taught me a lot especially when dealing with the customers. you know especially when the terms "customer is always right" hits you :) 

well, as a disclaimer, i am nowhere a successful business person, not even close having a solid 5 figure income earning from the business, but sometimes sharing is caring. my serious online business started in 2014.. as a record, i started doing online business in the year 2008, That time, online business was something new and my focus was selling maternity wear. In fact, i have been invited for an interview by NST to promote my business but since I no longer have desire to continue, i rejected a lifetime opportunity. Of cos, i wonder, should i continue my business, i may become a pioneer in the industry along side with Vivy. :p Gosh! I do really admire this lady until husband told me "vivy again??"

Well, nothing to regret...

So after doing this and that, in 2014, i then focused on online business again. Still in the circle of maternity, that is -- i started my small business by selling confinement products online. Of cos the market is already there.. that i could not deny. 

I started small, dealing with few stockist and all, until i become more independent. 

During the process, i have learnt A LOT!! On how to deal with clients and how to treat your clients. Sadly, i realized that one of the reason why my same race is left far behind in the business mainly due to how they are treating the customers. Nak tak nak, customer always think that they are the only client and they deserved to receive the best service. 

And so am I.. 

While dealing with few stockist, I realized that many have ethics issue. Keeping mum with our purchased (sometimes nearly to 1 month ++) on the basis that the HQ did not have stock. I really thought the HQ is the main source of the problem, when one day I managed to deal with another stockist. Alhamdulillah, since then, i have no worry in losing my customers.

and dont get me start when the magic word like "terima kasih" and "sorry" is such a difficult word to say. why aa?

Well, such a valuable experience for me. 

Enough on my rant.. :p

For me, I believe in creating a good rapport with my customers and to date- honesty is my policy. Selling different brands I could not get away with the questions "which one is good" and to date, i do give the best answer and at the same time, i admit should the products i have never used / consume, i will avoid to give any comments. But, dalam keadaan berhati-hati, of cos i did some mistake. Still remember receiving one long e-mail from one of my customers arguing the terms used on my website. Ok, i found out she is a lawyer (;p) . anyway it is a good lesson for me, i take it positively and improved further.

Talking about my customers, Alhamdulillah , i could say 95% are lovely. What i appreciate most is their understanding especially (1) the seller shouldn't be blame when the parcel arrived late when the seller diligently sent out your parcel the next working day (2) messed up with the orders (-- ok happen to me few times, like you know A sent to B, B sent to A :)) (3) forgot to post (ok happend few times also)

The weirdest thing happen to my customer was she received a parcel which was full of ants.. yerp, you read it right, ants! i blame all to myself. dunno la why the ants chose that binder to make a nest, i seriously did not realize it.. The customer? Alhamdulillah, she was ok (tho' i know she was annoyed).

Some of my customers are now become my good friend. Sara (haih, i should take a picture with her) was one of my earliest customers. That time, she was heavily pregnant with no. 2 and ordered Tanamera post natal care. Every now and then i practise giving some token of appreciation randomly to my customers.  I dun know, maybe just a small touch from my side, she continued ordering with me and become one of my co-reseller. At the same time, you know im now a big fan of her Masak Lemak Ikan Baung.. (sedap giler oii). Her family just recently opened a restaurant in Segamat specializing in Ikan Baung..

Below, is Fatema, my customer from UAE. She is my first international customers. That time, I was just 2 weeks running on my business. Her first order was more than RM500. Happy giler oi, first time orang order macam tu.. and continued to order from me from time to time.

Recently, she visited Malaysia for a short holiday, and I took this opportunity to meet her. Glad that i still make my time tho my workload doesnt permit me to do so, but who cares right :). We chit chatted for almost 1.5 hours like you know, meeting a long lost friend.. Hope i can meet her again --- well maybe in Abu Dhabi? :) #inmydream

Next, I received an order from a customer of mine Amelia in Malacca. Since I balik kampung, i agreed to deliver the items directly to her without any delivery charge. Not that i know, she is the owner of the famous Nasi Beriyani Tamby in Melaka which is located in Padang Temu Melaka.

Subhanallah, we got to eat there for free..

So now, everytime i balik kampung, I will definitely visit here to satisfy my cravings..

There are many more stories to share. Many of my customers refused to accept the balance. Since it is not my money and though they asked me to give to my son, usually i will put the money aside and contribute to the needy. 

Selagi itu rezeki kita, maka itulah rezeki kita...

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Sambutan birthday Mimi

Adik saya Mimi menyambut ulangtahun kelahiran yang ke 27 pada 29 April lalu. Jdi hujung minggu lepas, sebaik saja mini dan husbandnya Afiq pulang dari honeymoon di Sabah, isnin masa cuti Hari Pekerja, barulah berkesempatan untuk belikan kek.

Sebab tak dan nak tempah bagai, apa lagi Secret Recipe lah jawapannya. I belikan white macademia cake. Sebabnya tak pernah makan so saje lah nak try

(Tapi kurang kene dengan selera family kami sob sob....)

Macam tau tau je, color kek lebih kurang sama dengan tudung dia lol

Anak i biaselah, kalau tak minta ambik gambar dia memang cukup berkenan untuk photobomb orang...

Kebetulan ada sepupu yang datang untuk ziarah mak ayah saye, kire rezeki merekalah. Risau jugak sapelah nak tolong habiskan kek hehe. Adik adik lain tak dapat nak datang... Mana yang ada saje..

Semoga Mimi sentiasa dilimpahi rezeki dan rahmat dari Nya...

Friday, April 29, 2016

Ibu takkan lupakan hari itu || Kuasa doa seorang ibu

Ibu takkan lupakan detik itu.

Betul orang kate, sesuatu bende jika Allah katakan jadi, maka jadilah ia walaupun setepis mana pun kita cuma menghalangnya. 

Sebenarnya hari itu, Selasa, bermacam perkara yang berlaku. Ibu mendapat perkabaran yang Mama (ibu saya) tak berapa sihat, jadi ibu memang dah tekad hari Selasa tu untuk mengambil EL. Tapi pagi tu, ibu ubah fikiran memandangkan banyak perkara yang perlu diselesaikan di office. 

Tapi ibu bercadang untuk EL lepas lunch onwards. Bila tiba waktu lunch, kerja ibu masih tak dapat diselesaikan, jadi ibu kata, takpelah, ibu cancel EL, dan akan balik pada pukul 4 petang.

Tapi pukul 3.30 ptg tu, ada seorang employee call dan memakan masa ibu dengan banyaknya. Bertanya perkara yang bukan kepunyaan dia, kalau diikutkan hati memang geram juga masa tu, tapi ibu berjaya bersabar dan hanya dapat meletakkan telefon pada pukul 4.10 petang. Ibu ada satu keje yang wajib disiapkan. 

Dan selesai semuanya, ibu pun berjaya bertolak pulang ke rumah dari pukul 450 untuk menuju ke Kemensah.

Itu cerita pihak ibu.. Cerita pihak papa dan Emir pula.

Emir dan Papa sampai ke rumah agak awal. Kebetulan, tiada siapa yang ada di rumah. Atok ke IJN bersama Cik Yah dan Mama hanya seorang saja di rumah. Kebetulan juga papa tertinggal kunci rumah Kemensah. Memandangkan Papa tak mahu menyusahkan mama sebab Mama susah nak jalan, jadinya Papa dan Emir ambil keputusan untuk bawak basikal ke FRIM, Kepong. FYI, basikal memang dah ada dalam kerete sentiasa.

Jadilah mainlah anda berdua keliling Taman Layang-Layang tu..

Gambar ini sebelum kejadian berlaku 

Ibu telefon Cikyah, kebetulan Cik yah dan Atok tengah otw untuk pulang ke rumah, jadi Ibu minta Cikyah ambilkan Ibu di Sri Rampai. Sampai di Zoo Negara, ibu terima panggilan telefon dari Papa dalam keadaan yang sangat cemas.

Papa kata, "datang sekarang, Emir jatuh teruk ni"

Hati ibu dah tak tenteram, How teruk is teruk. Papa tak nak tinggalkan Emir. Papa kata untuk ke kereta amatlah jauh dari tempat Emir jatuh basikal.

Sampainya ibu di Taman Layang-Layang, kereta ibu dibenarkan untuk memasuki kawasan larangan. Ramai juga orang-orang baik yang tahu dan ada satu brother ni tolong tunjukkan jalan pada ibu mana nak dapatkan Emir. Terima kasih Encik.

Sampai di tempat kejadian, masyaAllah, tak dapat ibu bayangkan. Ibu nampak setubuh kujur kaku, dengan darah membuak keluar dari mulut. MasyaAllah. Terus ibu nangis di situ juga. Tak pernah ibu tengok keadaan Emir macam tu. Ye lah, dari Emir jatuh dan tunggu Ibu sampai, berapa lama mase dihabiskan..Patutlah dalam perjalanan, beberapa kali Papa call minta ibu bawa laju sikit.

Kami blur nak bawa Emir ke mana, bukan menidakkan Hospital Kerajaan, tapi dengan keadaan Emir, saya sendiri kurang pasti berapa lama mase menunggu di sana. Jadi, kami mengambil keputusan untuk bawa Emir ke Damai Service Hospital di Melawati.

Tetapi, masyaAllah, dugaan, Damai Service Hospital tengah under renovation dan Hospital tu tutup (boleh tak?), terus kami bawa Emir ke Poliklinik Kota raya.. Ibu dan Papa memang sedia maklum, Emir memang sukar untuk tahan sakit. Sampai kan kami sendiri selalu juga tak dapat nak access Emir punya sakit, sama ada betul-betul sakit, atau tak dapat tahan sakit.. (ok susah nak describe).

Seperti dijangka, di Poliklinik tu, Emir langsung tak nak tolerate, u wont let the doctor to touch  you or do anything. Hinggakan Papa betul-betul naik angin (habis satu Poliklinik dengar), ye lah doktor cuba cucikan darah, tapi Emir tolak dan sewaktu dengannya.

Akhirnya memandang kan Emir langsung tak nak cooperate dan tengok kecederaan Emir yang agak teruk, Doktor suruh kami bawa Emir ke hospital. Dan hospital paling dekat di situ adalah Ampang Puteri..

Sampai di Ampang Puteri, kami terus ke bahagian Kecemasan. 

Kene juga tunggu gilirann..

Dan inilah kisah yang saya nak kongsikan...

Masa tu pukul 8, ibu belum solat Maghrib lagi. Jadi ibu bergegas tinggalkan Emir dengan Papa dan cari surau untuk menunaikan solat. Ibu solat macam biasa tapi penuh keesakan. Di tempat yang sama, beberapa tahun lalu, di dalam surau itu juga ibu menangis teresak bila atok masuk hospital.

Lepas ibu tunaikan solat Maghrib, ibu berfikir-fikir sama ada hendak solat hajat masa itu atau kemudian, sebab nombor giliran Emir sudah dekat. Tapi ibu bagi tau diri ibu, inilah peluang untuk ibu minta dengan Dia secara spesifik untuk Emir. Ibu cuma nak minta, segala urusan pada malam itu dipermudahkan. Alhamdulillah selesai..

Bila turun ke bawah, nama Emir masih belum kene panggil. Tapi tak lama lepas tu, Emir dipanggil GP untuk examine tahap kesakitan Emir. Check sana check sini, Doktor telefon specialist, subhanallah, dalam pukul dekat 9 malam tu, specialist masih lagi berada di hospital. Sementara menunggu specialist, Emir diletakkan di dalam satu bilik di dalam ER room. Alhamdulillah sekali lagi Emir dapat bilik menunggu yang selesa, jauh sikit dari hiruk pikuk ER room. 

Emir diberikan suntikan kancing gigi. Sekali lagi, drama  berlaku sebab Emir tak mo corporate. Seperti biasa, Papa mengamuk lagi huhu. Emir ni selagi Papa tak naik darah, selagi tu dia takkan bergerak. Jadi sikit pun ibu tak salahkan Papa. Papa memang nak Emir sihat.

Akhirnya, emir dipegang oleh misi misi dan tadaa. berjaya la jugak.. *phew... seperti biasa, semua prosedur ibu tak boleh tengok, else, Emir memang takkan buat.

Tak lama lepas tu Alhamdulillah doktor pakar, Dr. Wan Usamah, Paediatric Surgery pun tiba untuk check Emir. Sangat lembut dan baik orangnya. Sangat penyabar dengan perangai Emir yang tak mau bagi kerjasama. Dah la masa Dr datang Papa takde, lagi over lah mengadanya, apa pun Dr pandai pujuk Emir. Terima kasih Dr.

Dr. kate luka Emir agak dalam, cuma di dahi doktor tak dapat nak agak selagi darah tak dicuci. Ibu bagi tau doktor yang Emir masih belum makan, dan doktor kate, Emir kene warded dan proses boleh dilakukan malam tu juga. Alhamdulillah.

Tak lama lepas doktor pergi, Emir kene lalui prosedur x-ray, Alhamdulillah tak de apa yang patah.

Emir balik dari prosedur tu Emir dah agak penat.. Sambil tersedu sedan Emir kata Emir lapar, tapi apakan daya Ibu tak dapat nak bagi Emir makanan.. Ibu ingat lagi Emir cakap

"Ibu... After everything is stable, can i have sushi"

Babe, seriously runtun hati sorang mak dengar anak cakap macam tu...

Lama juga selepas tu nak tunggu proses yang seterusnya, Emir dah tertido kepenatan. Pukul 12 malam  baru dapat bilik. Oh ya, masa register, kami dengar ade pesakit yang tunggu dari pukul 3 masih belum dapat bilik. 

Alhamdulillah, walaupun bilik terpaksa berkongsi seramai 3 lagi pesakit yang kesemuanya baby, sekurangnya dapat juga bilik.

Tunggu punya tunggu, ibu ingat prosedur akan dilakukan keesokkan harinya sebab hari dah jauh malam.

Ibu tanya nurse, rupanya tengh tunggu clearance insurance, lamaaaa betul. Dan sangat tersentuh bila doktor tunggu. Terima kasih terima kasih Doktor.

Akhirnya pukul 12.30 malam Emir pun masuk ke OT room. Emir cakap dekat Ibu Emir takut.. Ibu pun takut Emir..

Ibu kene pakai bende ni sepanjang proses. Tapi ibu hanyalah boleh tengok Emir masa Emir dibius saja. Sekejap je tak sampao 3 minit Emir dah pengsan.. 

Lama juga prosesnya adalah sejam. Terima kasih semua pembantu doktor sangat baik hati walaupun masa tu dah pukul 1.40am. Layan ibu dengan baik juga. 

Keluar je dari OT room, Emir separa sedar. Tendang sana tendang sini, terkejut semua orang sebab cepat betul Emir tersedar. Tapi semua relax je sebab Emir mamai..

Doktor kate luka di dahi agak dalam juga. sebanyak 13 jahitan di dahi dan 12 di upper lips. Bersih sudah muka anak ibu...

Lepas tu, sampai je bilik, ibu pun pengsan.. Penatttt... Tapi pukul 5 pagi ibu dah terjage.. Tak boleh tido.. 

Pukul 8.30 pagi Doktor Wan dah check Emir. Ya Allah masa ni ibu rasa mulianya hati seorang doktor. He is specialist ok but still working hard. Bayangkan pukul 1.40 am habis prosedur dengan Emir, kita sendiri pun tak pasti pukul berapa dia balik rumah, pukul 8.30 pagi dah check Emir. 

Doktor kate Emir boleh discharged hari tu juga.. Happy ibu sebab boleh tengok mama sekali..

Ini lah bil Emir. Untuk kenangan. Insurance office ibu yang bayar.. Alhamdulillah.. Pentingnya insurance dalam masa kecederaan begini. Ingat lagi masa Emir kene H1N1, masa tu ibu tak subscribe insurance.. Company tempat ibu keje pula takde disediakan medical  insurance, mengagau lah mengeluarkan saving...

Alhamdulillah Emir is now resting at home di Kemensah.. Still ponteng sekolah 😁😁 duduk Kemensah, dapatlah ibu jaga sekali mama... Kire 2 in 1

Pendek kata, walaupun anak nak main basikal dekat dengan rumah je, silalah pakai pakaian keselamatan, malang tidak berbau

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Emir dan Karatedo || Makan durian

Rasa lain pula bila nak update cerita Emir bukan pasal chess.

Ibu masih ingat lagi masa Emir menyatakan minat nak masuk Karatedo awal tahun lepas. Flashback walaupun kisah ni sebenarnya tak best untuk diceritakan semula. Masa ibu borak-borak dengan Emir, Emir cerita Emir kene buli. Buli mulut ibu tak kisah, rupanya Emir kene buli fizikal dengan seorang budak di nursery. Ibu tak salahkan pun cikgu dekat situ, rupanya dipendekkan cerita budak tu baru je daftar sehari di situ, dan selepas kejadian tu, Alhamdulillah budak tu cuma ada sehari saja di sana. 

Tapi Emir bagi tahu ibu lambat. Rasanya lepas dua minggu lepas kejadian. Baru terhegeh Papa tanya Cikgu (sebab Papa yang pergi dan ambil Emir). Emir kata, itulah pertama kali dalam seumur hidup Emir betul-betul belajar pertahankan diri. Ibu faham sebab Emir tak de teman bergaduh, jadi Emir memang tak biasa. 

Ibu mula-mula suggest masuk Taekwando, tapi Emir tak nak. Emir kate, its too late for you to start, sebab kawan-kawan Emir dah masuk dari darjah satu. Which is true, ibu pun tak nak Emir rasa tak selesa. Kebetulan pula, masa awal tahun karatedo baru dibuka di sekolah Emir, jadinya semua yang masuk semua bermula dari tali pinggang putih.

Ok, dipendekkan cerita, Emir jarang ponteng, tapi bila Emir mula aktif di chess mulai akhir tahun lepas, memang banyak kelas juga lah Emir miss. Tahun lepas, tournament ni pun Emir miss. Tahun ni, Alhamdulillah Emir berkesempatan.. 

Pertandingan diadakan di Kompleks Sukan 3K Subang Jaya.

Ini masa registration.

Ini pula masa sesi latihan sebelum pertandingan diadakan. Banyak juga sekolah yang masuk bertanding.. 

Ibu tak ambil gambar masa pertandingan sedang berlangsung, ibu ambil video. Ambik masa pula nak upload di Youtube.

Alhamdulillah, sekolah Emir berjaya dapat nombor 3 (acara pun ibu tak sure ahahaha) 

Emir seronok betul, ye lah selalu medal chess je, kali ni medal dari karate do.

Emir tak masuk bahagian kumute, Sensei Karate tak bagi (sebab selalu ponteng), belum cukup bersedia nak sparring sparring orang ni :D

Muka tu senyum sikit nak... grrr

Lepas balik dari Subang, Emir nak hantar buku yang dipinjam di SS2, tapi dah tutup pulak.. Jadinya kami singgah jap join makan durian di SS2.

Papa pilih Udang Merah... Rm30 sekilo, pergh mahal sungguh, durian yang kami makan ni 2 kilo.. adalah kejadian tak diingini berlaku selepas tu.. 

Apa pun, Emir dah bagi tahu dekat ibu yang Emir dah tak nak masuk Karate lagi. Cuma setakat ni, papa masih tak bagi. Papa kata biarlah dikekalkan dulu. 

Untuk rekod Emir, pertandingan ini dijalankan pada 24 April 2016.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Chess peringkat Zone

Sorry lah, rasa dah jadi macam blog chess untuk Emir. Semua ibu buat entry ni untuk kenangan Emir, untuk kenangan ibu jugak. Seronok juga bila Emir aktif bab-bab chess, sebab ibu pun berpeluang untuk singgah dekat tempat yang ibu tak pergi. 

Ini adalah kejohanan chess peringkat Zon. Emir ada dalam Zon Bangsar. Kalau dalam chess, zon Bangsar orang kata macam killer zone, sebab banyak good player yang sekolah di dalam zon bangsar. Nama yang mewakili sekolah pun, ibu sendiri familiar, sebab selalu jumpe. Paling best bila ibu datang sini, ada je budak-budak sekolah lain (yang familiar), datang dekat papa and ibu tanya Emir dah score berapa..

Kali ni pertandingan diadakan di Sekolah Jalan Hang Tuah. Ini adalah barisan mak mak dan cikgu-cikgu yang menunggu anak.

Alhamdulillah juga buat dekat Jalan Hang Tuah sebab dekat dengan office ibu. Boleh la ibu lari-lari. Pertandingan berlangsung selama seminggu. Hari Pertama dan Hari Kedua adalah peringkat berpasukan. Emir di antara 4 orang pemain yang terpilih untuk mewakili pasukan sekolah. Jadi dari hari Isnin lagi Emir dah ponteng sekolah.

Acara individu bermula dari hari Rabu. Sekali lagi Emir pun masuk bertanding dalam kategori individu bawah 10 tahun. 

Sekolah ni kantin dia comel (kecil) saje, tapi ibu suka makanan  dia, murah betul! 

Tak semua pagi, ibu dan papa dapat hantar Emir ke sekolah Jalan Hang Tuah. Ada hari Emir akan ikut team sekolah, ada hari ibu dan papa yang hantar. Gambar bawah ni masa kami hantar Emir dan kawan-kawan Emir ke sekolah tu. Seronok and terhibur ibu dengar you all borak.. Bila suruh cakap melayu, semua terkebil-kebil nak cakap (haishhh..).. sekolah Emir ni kelakar, yang Melayu tak tau cakap Melayu, yang Cina tak tau cakap Cina, yang India tak tau cakap India.. (bukan tak tau cakap Melayu, tahu.. tapi maksudnya, u all ni lambat respon, agaknya depa ni kene buat karangan dulu dalam kepala baru cakap)

Pertandingan bermula seawal pukul 8.30 pagi. Selalunya ibu akan ada di sekolah Hang Tuah sampai pukul 8.30 lepas tu ibu ajak Papa teman ibu ke Star LRT yang berdekatan untuk ibu naik train ke KLCC. Tengah hari ibu akan sampai dan akan duduk dengan Emir sampai pukul 1 lebih. Macam tu lah rutin ibu seminggu tu. Cuma hari Rabu pagi, ibu decide untuk ambik EL morning teman Emir sebab Papa tak dapat nak datang sebab ada kelas.. 

For a record, Atok dan Cik yah pun ada datang jengok Emir hari Khamis. Tapi masa atok datang, Emir nangis sebab Emir kalah dengan lawan yang sama yang sampai setakat ni Emir masih lagi tak dapat nak kalahkan. Senang je ibu pujuk Emir, lepas habis pertandingan tu, ibu ajak atok, papa dan Cikyah makan sushi dekat KLCC. Dapat je sushi teruslahhhhhhh back to normal. 

Alhamdulillah, all in all, u have lucky no 2. Pasukan sekolah berjaya mendapat tempat kedua pertandingan dan acara individu Emir dapat no 2 keseluruhan acara individu, dan akan bertanding di peringkat KL. Kalau ada rezeki boleh lah mewakili KL ke peringkat kebangsaan. Peringkat KL akan diadakan lepas raya.. so lama lagi lah.

Dan hari Isnin minggu berikutnya di adakan penyampaian hadiah di sekolah Emir semasa waktu perhimpunan.. Tengoklah berapa kali Emir naik pentas. Hadiah ni termasuklah ketika di SK Bukit Jelutong dan National Age Group di UTP Tronoh, Perak

Love you Emir!

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