Monday, February 13, 2017

Hong Kong || First experience with AirBnB

Baiklah, i nak update entry on my stay in HK since many of my friends have asked on the details. 

First of all, i would consider our trip as budgeted traveling as i would like to keep the cost as minimum as possible but maximizing the experience.

So, one of the way to reduce cost is to save on your accommodation and the food. Well, honestly im not really calculative when it comes to food but in HK, food for me is ridiculuosly overpriced, so my preferance to cook our own meal is perfect.

The minute after i have confirmed on my flight ticket, i immediately hunting for an accommodation. Since i wanted to cook, hotel is not an option. 

After doing my own research, i decided to stay at Tsim Sha Tsui as it is situated near to Kowloon (islamic community).

But the most important reason is because, this apartment completes my checklist

1. Small pantry area
2. Near to mrt (2 minutes) walking

And finally.. after much consideration this is the place

It is situated in Cameron Road Tsim Sha Tsui. Hidden location i might say and buruk di luar muahahaha.

We arrived to this area by taxi from the airport and it costs us hkd270++ (around rm155)

The driver just dropped us at the side and we have to find our way to this studio. With all the heavy luggage plus a noxxa, we almost miss the entrance. 

The entrance is in between the shops, lucikuly i remembered the picture sent by the host. 

It is a small room, just nice for the 4 of us. The bed agak besar, bolehlah semua tidur sekatil. Honestly quite selesa juga.

After all we were just here to eat and sleep because half of the day we were outside.

Pandai pandai la susun supya senang bagi 4 orang bergerak. Gambar gambar ni semua masa check out. Sebelum tu habis kiterang rearrange the furniture..

I was not able to meet the host Caden, however all communication eithet between her or her partner Nicolas went smoothly. Both are prompt in aswering to my queries.

As i stayed during Chinese New Year, my price was abit higher. All in all, for 6 nights, i paid around RM1,800++, kire rm300 lebih sikit semalam.. 

Except that you tak boleh bising sangat, bising je orang sebelah dengar. Lagipun airbnb guest, u tak nak lah buat hal kan. So i rase kalau bawak budak2 u may think twice sebab memang sunyi je tempat ni, i sendiri tak sure ade orang ke tak..

Masing-masing punya cara travel kan. Ade orang tak boleh macam ni, mungkin tak selesa. Kami ok je, alhamdulillah emir pun tak kisah.. yang penting katanya internet mesti laju... 

Kalau interested boleh ke link ni


Mama Zharfan said...

lebih kurang dgn aptg y i duduk masa kat tokyo tp lagi spacious..pun booked from airbnb

Wan Amira Wan Salleh said...

kecik je apartment ni. tapi boleh lah untuk berempat sebab locationnyer sangat strategik untuk tourist.

aimi said...

Nampak selesa dan best sbb boleh masak... Betul, mknan kat hong kong melampau kot mahal.


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