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Dugro.. Dugrostar.. Raising me up, I've come so far

Dugro dugro star, raising me up, i've come so far, Dugro Dugro Star, i can be so much more, I'm the shining stars.. 

This song really haunting me as Emir and I keep singing morning, night and in between.

Anyway last month we were delighted to be invited as guest blogger for the soft launch of Dugrostar at Kidzania. The show started at 6++ and i managed to rush from KLCC to here.. :) -- talking about precision, guess sometimes i'm the champion :p

Every kid had a chance to get a star make over which of cos was a big no-non for the boys. But lucky for Ibu Emir as Emir was one of the first few kids at the frontline, he didn't have the choice and didn't realize that many boys refused (talking about screaming, crying) to put on make up. Emir dia dah masuk tak boleh kate apelah..

But the girls - they had so much fun (feeling-feeling princess tau).. How i wish one day i have a daughter.. insyaAllah.. 

So, right after he had his makeover, Emir was instructed to pose for the camera and yes, with this over-sized Dato' M Daud Kilau inspired :) (oklah Michael Jackson).. Thereafter, the organizer brought Emir inside the theater where he had to practise dancing. They said the parents are not allowed and I was so obedient to  follow the rules. Not that I know, the parents ok je keluar masuk and I missed to watch Emir practising his dancesteps. 

When he came out from the theater, the first thing he said

"i wish you were inside there to watch me"

The event started with a short speech by Ms. Monique Suryokusumo, the Marketing Director of Danone Dumex.

Dugrostar is the biggest talent campaign nationwide specially brought to you by Dugro. It's a series of talent participation showcasing children aged 3-10  and it celebrates well-rounded talents and  featuring National promotions with irresistible collectible premiums.

Then, they were experts to talk about child's creativity and development.

From left to right were 
Mr Zaid Mohamad, Bestselling Author, Columnist, Certified Parental Coach and CEO of 
Mr Az’farr Baginda, Principal of Blubricks and Judge for Dugrostar™, 
Ms Elaine Yong, Lecturer, Department of Psychology, Sunway University
Ms Ruth Liew, Director of Malaysian Child Resource Institute and Child Developmentalist
Ms Monique Suryokusumo, Marketing Director of Danone Dumex Malaysia,
PIC Dugrostar.

Lepas tu, this is where the parents get excited.. mana taknyer all kids performed!

Again after the performance, Emir cakap "I want to be at the front" it's ok Emir, ibu nampak je

and yes, i'm proud to see him, he is very dedicated to memorize the dance steps at the very short period. I think he inherits from his father, kalau buat satu bende, buat betul-betul.

All of us together with the parents and the experts.

Do you want to register your child?

1. Log on to using this Unique Code HH0018

All you have to do  is just following some simple instructions.

Let me paste FAQ for your reference

  1. What categories are offered in Dugrostar?
  2. There are two (2) categories:
    Category 1Children aged 3 to 6 years old, either as an individual or group (who are born between 21 August 2008 to 22 August 2011)  
    Category 2Children aged 6+ to 10 years old, either as an individual or group (who are born between 21 August 2004 to 20 August 2008)
  3. How to join Dugrostar?
  4. Submit your child's video introducing himself/ herself/ themselves and record their singing, dancing, playing musical instruments or a combination of the said talents, either as an individual or group,  not exceeding more than six (6) children.
  5. What methods/ media that can be used to register Dugrostar?
  6. Registration can be made thru 3 methods/ media:
    1) Direct upload your child's video to
    2) Direct record your child's performance at selected Dugrostar roadshow locations; or
    3) Mail your CD/DVD/USB  thumb drive to Dugrostar c/o Ecopia Sdn Bhd No. 27, Jalan 17/47, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
  7. When is the Dugrostar registration period and deadline for mailing of the video?
  8. Registration period is from 22 August to 12 October 2014. Videos sent via post must bear the stamp date not later than 6 October 2014. For online registration, videos must be uploaded to the website not later than 12 October 2014, 12 midnight.
  9. How many minutes maximum is the video allowed?
  10. The child's video presentation should not exceed two (2) minutes (excluding time taken to introduce themselves - optional).

and this is my Dugro Star. He said he wants to sing Radioactive --- his fave song at the moment.. but yes, he prefers dancing rather than singing.. 

Jom Join

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