Monday, June 23, 2014

Desa Waterpark: Our so call holiday

Nowadays, it is a trend that parents are expected to bring the kids somewhere during the school holidays. Yours truly are included. But Emir, he doesnt mind not to jalan-jalan as long as he could find any plug to charge his iPad. 

But this time, for the two weeks school holidays, i was not prepared to go anywhere. Well, due to my limited annual leaves and so many events happened in June, so memang tak de plan. Having said that, I was hoping that Mr. Husband came out with some suggestions, but yada yada like he said... I ni Kementerian Kewangan dan PA dia.. grrr..

For the above reasons, I am utilising KL tourist attraction and we decided to bring Emir to waterpark. he loves water activities -- like very much. and so, we chose Desa Waterpark. Why? Cheaper and the most important, since it was on Sunday + school holidays, we dont think going to Sunway Lagoon is a good idea.

and it was our first visit to Desa Waterpark for the three of us :D

The tickets price at RM35 for adults and RM25 for kids. Quite (very) reasonable i might say. Husband was quite skeptical to visit here (asking me to check whether any controversial issue from this waterpark), but tak de.. so here we are. 

We came as early as 10 am, not many people arrived yet. The place is quite small with one big pool area, one kids' pool, and some other stuff, but definitely kids gonna have fun.. adults - so long you dont grumble and complaint, you too gonna have fun ok.

I didn't take many pictures here as I kept all our stuff in the locker. Locker is at RM5 per lock. Silly me, not even 10 minutes after I locked, I had to unlock it to get some cash.. The cafes around are quire reasonable, at least you still can get nasi goreng at RM5 per box.

So ini kanak-kanak riang main wave. From the facial expression, you can easily judge sape yang excited terlebih :p

and Emir.. betul-betul enjoylah..

and this ride (couldnt remember the name) only opened at 2pm and we were late. We had to q i think around 40 minutes (the only ride here in Desa Waterpark, so of cos lah sanggup beratur kan).. but 10 minutes before our turn, hujan turun selebat-lebatnya. we thought the staff were going to close it, but thankfully they just continue since there was no thunder. But.. gosh.. first time main hujan setelah beberapa lamaaaaaaa.. 

and it was first time for Emir main hujan..

it was fun! real fun..

sekejap je derang bukak.. habis je q, depa tutup balik :)

So, we went back around 4pm.. tak de bende sangat.. approximately we spent 6 hours inside the park..

After event: Emir jadi gelap :D


Mama Zharfan said...

beshnya!! i tak pernah pegi sini

Liza Yati said...

Dekat sgt dgn umah Liza ni. Tp xpernah p lg. Huhu


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