Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sharing session..

from the bottom of my heart.. 

well, im not sure whether some of you are aware on the issue where Wardina commented about Ustaz Don. 

honestly speaking, i do not favor any party. Ceteknya ilmu macam mana nak comment dan beri pendapat kan.. 

but what i strongly believe, in Islam there is a softer way to criticize others especially you have to ensure that you still put some respect to the other party. apatah lagi you are a celebrity, whatever remarks you put, it will easily become viral to other viewers.

There is nothing wrong to ask questions, to query on something you are not comfortable with, but remember one my favorite Malay quotes "terlajuk perahu boleh diundur, terlajak kata buruk padahnya".

I myself have experienced this with Wardina. I was selected as a winner in one of the contest that I participated and due to that i was invited to come over to her house. So, seriously and sincerely, i gave her CocoDamia as a gift to her children (takde niat untuk suruh dia promote, i find CocoDamia's packaging is quite presentable nak bagi dekat orang) on top of some chocolate cakes. Dengan ikhlas ok, dah la sebelum tu i was rushing to go to her house.

and so.. there you go...

few weeks after, i saw she uploaded CocoDamia (yes, she didnt disclose the brand) and gave some remarks. and knowing that she has thousand followers, bertambahlah i terasa kan. I bagi dengan ikhlas, bukan nak menjual. I keluarkan duit bagi dekat dia. kalau dia beli , tak puas hati dengan produk, lain cerita, yang ini i bagi.. to me kalau tak suka barang yang orang bagi, buang, or put aside, jangan sakitkan hati orang yang memberi.

mom said, dun ever publish anything on social media.. sorry mama.. mama kata, i bukan celebrity, dia banyak followers, nanti i yang akan kene hentam teruk.. Mama kata lain kali nak bagi dekat orang,  bagi jelah brand mat salleh, yang dah memang well known dekat market, yang memang orang dah boleh terima.. kalau bagi macam i bagi, kite sendiri sakit hati buat apa.. Mama jugak pesan, biar orang buat kita, jangan kita tak hargai pemberian orang.. :) My mother is so nice.. 

oh btw, whatever remarks that she gave, i already informed the owner Ayu for some improvement. Thank you. C'mon, we are educated, i (kami) boleh terima teguran dengan baik. i rasa begitu juga dengan Ustaz Don.. But when you publicly criticize, people  (ok -- me) do lost some respect to you. :)

sampai sekarang, tak de lagi i terima kemaafan dari dia. i think dia rasa tak salah.. or i bukan nya celebritykan :)

ok that's all.. 

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Mama Zharfan said...

agree :)
some people memang jenis criticise secara lantang gitu..emmm

Merlyn Hasshim said...

sedihnya baca. sampai hati kan .. :(

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...


klu org dah beri kita merasa,
jgn cepat mengkritik kerana berdosa,
tak suka tak apa.. :)

betul idak

Miss Lili@ said...

dia kasik remark ape? kat insta ke?

anak Wan Salleh said...

babe.. i boleh cerite dekat u offline ok ;0

Ezna said...



ila nak tau jugak.. cite kat ila ye..


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