Thursday, November 07, 2013

Berjaya Youth: Tioman Island Clean Up Day 2013 - Day 2 - Part 2

After having our delicious lunch, both Husband and brother proceed to join another program while me and Emir having so much fun at the pool. Gosh, tell ya, tak pernah pergi swimming lama macam gitu.. Emir enjoyed sliding down the pool while me myself  having a peaceful and slowwww swimming.. Rasa macam exercise habis.. 

Forget about that.. Mr. Husband and Shahiran attended Turtle Conservation Workshop with children from SK Kg Tekek at the beach - Dive Centre

This workshop is aimed to foster awareness on protecting turtles through interactive and fun filled learning activities. In this workshop, the children got the chance to learn about how turtles are slowly facing extinction and as a human, together we should help to protect the turtles.

For your information, Sekolah Kebangsaan Tekek is the only school in the island. Sneak peak of the activities which was handled by Berjaya Team through out the day..

The best part, my brother has been interviewed by the team to share his experience on this Tioman Clean Up Day 2013. Husband said, Shahiran ni pemalu, orang tanya sepatah dia jawab sepatah haha.. Well, at least, priceless experience kan..

Together with other winners and Berjaya Youth team.. Just realised husband is nowhere in the picture.. Begitulah, photographer tak kisah gambar tak de...

We have been informed earlier that Freaky Night Gala Dinner will be held on Day 2 and they asked us to dress up according to the theme. Being me, never.. i repeat N.E.V.E.R in my entire life, I had actually followed the dinner theme.. kalau setakat cakap "Red hot dinner" cam gitu adalah, setakat pakai baju color merah je.. but when it comes to specific theme, honestly, I never make an effort to dress up..

Tapi tak taulah, this time around,, tak de angin tak de ribut.. rajin pulak.. Probably there was only minimal cost involved (I bought a nice cheap wizard hat and mask).. :p Oh btw, for this Gala Dinner, I joined the program. Husband and Emir stayed in the room. I ordered room dining for them.. Quite reasonable., for delicious spaghetti, it costs only RM25 without tax.. banyak pulak tu..

The last time, I attended "annual dinner" when I was in E**Y which was way back in 2009. So, quite a while. Since Berjaya Group organized this event, wah hadiah-hadiahnya memang meletup lah.. :) and seriously a lot of prizes!! but unfortunately since the contest participants mostly have to dance.. oh tidaklah saya nak join.. tengok je lah..

Picture above, my brother received his certificate of participation.. Masa ni husband's name pun naik.. Shahiran je lah ambik.. The food? Shahiran seriously satisfied with Lamb Shank!! Food was marvelous, lupe ambik gambar, ralik with all the seafood :D

While I was busy enjoying the show, suddenly came to the Best Costume announcement. Obviously I was not aware on the announcement, and not putting much hope. Ok, to be exact, tak heran pun.. Sekali... hehehe, "I will call 3 finalist for best costumes in random order.. First - the Wolverine 

Second -- the witch.. 

---- ok.. sudah.. The witch.. I was looking at my brother, and sempat cakap "taknakkk" when suddenly one of the staff grabbed my hand and walked me to the stage... Nak nangis masa tu haha because i pretty sure i need to do some catwalk..

Thank God, they allowed us to bring another partner and I forced my brother to help me.!! You know malu giler ok!! and of cos, as expected, I kalah hahaha.. The winner received 3D2N trip to Langkawi.. best kan.. But at least, I received this...

Problue Mask with Anti Fog Technology.. Anyone interested?

Ok, this is my costume... simple je.. baju, tudung hitam and kain tu selalu je pakai pergi office.. :) 


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Liz said...

Masa saya pergi Tioman, saya stay kat hotel tu juga. Memang tenang je. Pool luas, seronok. Private beach pulak tu. Akak ada cuba makan kat gerai betul-betul kat pagar hotel tu? Sedap juga. Owner dia peramah.

anak Wan Salleh said...

Salam.. ada juga husband beli sekali.. cuma tapau je.. sebab majoriti makan kat hotel.. free kan hehehe

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Mommy ZaraZarif said...

BESTNYE....xpnh smpai tioman lgi..

Mama Zharfan said... suka party2 yg ada theme and costume ni hehhehe


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