Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Berjaya Youth: Tioman Island Clean Up Day 2013 - Day 2 - Part 1

The second day was the full day for Husband, Shahiran and Emir. The day for the main reason why we were in Tioman. Based on the agenda, the event started at 10.15 am. All media and participants have been divided into few groups and they were assigned to collect the rubbish and waste around the beach. 

As usual, Shahiran control macho though, he keep saying "macam program dekat university pulak" :p

But obviously, at first look, the beach is very clean and to be honest, it was not easy for them to find for any rubbish. Tioman is a home to many rare species for example, green turtle. In fact, when I first arrived here, the first thing I saw was a big lizard, ok, someone told me, it was monitor lizard..

I'm not sure why they were running .. tapi nampak comel pulak.. Hubby captured this moment

Definitely, everyone has done their best. and of cos as a woman, taking selfie picture what we can do at our very best :p.. 

Tioman Island Clean Up Day is an initiative by Berjaya Hotels & Resorts which began few years back. With your friends around, i think this activity is quite interesting to have some fun with your friends while we took this opportunity to show our commitment to our environment.

Adik i macam posing pulak.. He asked everyone to call him Shah.. and I was like "sape Shah" hahaha .. at home we call him Ayen .. ayen nama manja la kan.. 

and he is proud to collect that amount of trash around the beach.. proud because, the least we were able to collect, it indicates the cleaner the beach is.. 

Hubby told me, the lady in the picture below (tengah tunduk tu) was very very committed..

As a boost for all participants to collect more rubbish, the organizer organized some mini contest and the winner would be based on highest collectible trash around the island. Ok, it's easy to guess the winner when one group managed to pull out one big box and it was Husband's group. Gambar tak da sebab dia pun ambik gambar..

and Shahiran's group managed to grab the no 2 title.

Later, after the clean up day, ade pula launching of Berjaya Tioman Resort Padi Dive Centre as well as Berjaya MNS "Roots" Project at Tioman Island. Roots is "Revisiting Our Original Trees". Together, they are now introducing Rakan Napuh, a community initiative under ROOTS.

Mr. Leong Wy Joon, Executive Director of Berjaya Land Berhad representing the mock cheque to Mr. Mohamed Shah Redza Hussein, Executive Director of MNS

Presentation of Tshirts to Ketua Kampung in Tioman Island

Picture above, the PIC. Really appreciate what they have arranged for me, and if you happened to read this entry, apologize to put you in such a difficult situation. I know I have so many requests :)

The happy participants.. adalah juga muka laki i kat bawah tu.. At this time, I already arrived at Tioman and directly asked the hotel staff to drive me to Dive Centre..

Oh, I pun contribute jugak...



Emir? so long ada iPad he knows how to entertain himself...


Ezna said...

Wahhh ni aktiviti pembersihan pantai ni ;-) Nampak macam best. I suka la gambar adik u sengsorang kat pasir2 tu. Sangat cantik!

Mama Zharfan said...

sgt menarik!!

James said...

Wow , a very exciting trip ! next time you may consider to take PADI diving course in Tioman, have fun !


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