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Berjaya Youth: Tioman Clean Up Day 2013 - Introduction

First of all, for the next few days I will upload my diary on Tioman trip here. Apart as our reference / memory in the future, it is part of T&C after winning Berjaya Youth contest. Let me see how I'm going to summarise all activities.. 

Some of you may be aware that I won myself 2 full paid expenses trip to Tioman but the date was fixed from 25-27 Oct 13 which was a big No No for me. 25th was the budget Day and I had no excuse not to be in the office especially with the GST announcement. 

Lucky me, the ticket could be transferred to another person to represent me. Since I could not make it and I did not want to waste my winning (its not easy to win ok).. again lucky me, both Mr. Husband and younger brother agreed to replace me.


Ok, im not done yet.

Emir! Yes, I decided to bring Emir along even though I understand that this is a youth program, and we (both husband and I) had done at our best to keep Emir a distance from any activities :) But of cos some of the programs he was around since we had no choice but to keep an eye on him..

So, Husband, Shahiran and Emir were on the first flight on 25. They arrived at the airport before 8 am but pity them, their flight was delayed until 11.30am. Melanguk lah tunggu kan.. 

Me, yes, I myself went there on the next day (of cos at my own expenses la kan)

Ok, honestly I thought I wanted to watermark all my pictures (i know low quality pun), but after the first picture above err.. malas.. 

So, this is Lapangan Terbang Kg. Tekek, the only airport in Tioman and Berjaya Air is the only airline operated in Tioman. It only took about an hour from Subang Airport to here. Shuttle bus will drive you direct from the airport to Berjaya Tioman. As a note, as a tourist, no matter whether you are a local or foreigner, you will be charged at RM5 per person at the airport.

There you go, this is the hotel. Fine, more like a resort, and the best part, it is just a few steps away from the beach, and lucky us, our room is facing the beach.. But... with all packed activities, none of us had a chance to actually take a nice photo by the beach.. :(

I thought I could snap a nice second honeymoon photo here, but this is the best photo of us.. Geram!! Emir kacau.. see-lah my face :) Husband and Shahiran were so busy with the activities, i tak nak lah kacau.. :) I felt lucky because they didn't mind to join all activities.

For the activities, I will post in a different entry ya. Gambar banyakkk sangat.. 

Oh yes, this is the spacious room, quite spacious even for the four of us. By the way, the first night only 3 of them saje.. I only joined them on their second night. so not so bad..

The much talk-about pool. and if you read the reviews, most of the reviewers compliment about this large size pool. Emir was very very excited to see this pool. Emir, as long as the pool has slide, he will say "this is the best pool i've ever seen" :p semuanya the bestlah..

While husband and Shahiran joined the activities, Emir and I went for  swimming :D.. best, mau 2 jam lebih kot merendam kat sini

Happy boy smiling all the way (padahal Isnin tu periksa :))

Private beach.. 

Emir on the second day with me. Ok, please don't get confused.. :) Yeah, i know im mixing up first and second day, susah nak explain sebab lain-lain hari datang..

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