Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Berjaya Youth - The Activities - Day 1

Tioman Island Clean Up Day ("TICD") is an annual event organized by Berjaya  Group and this year marked it 5th edition. The main objective of this event is to help conserving the marine life whilst enjoying the diverse wonders of the underwaterworld.

As a note, this event was not merely to celebrate us as Berjaya Youth winners but also together with media and other Berjaya related companies, we were gathered here to create an awareness to preserve our Tioman Island which is always known as beautiful, popular and affordable vacation not only in Malaysia but throughout the world.

-and this is just part of it-

Husband and brother missed the welcome session from Berjaya Tioman Hotel since their flight was delayed for 2 hours. 

Picture courtesy from Berjaya Hotel Resorts Facebook

Picture courtesy from Berjaya Hotel Resorts Facebook

They only arrived if Im not mistaken around 1 pm and the first activity scheduled at 2 and it's Diving! Actually there was a slight changes on the schedule. Among all activities, husband was excited for a scuba, which was first scheduled on Day 3, so since I was not around, and takda sapa nak tengok Emir, pity husband he had to sacrifice for this.. 

but Shahiran (my brother), had a chance to have a taste of Scuba! But he said since he was not a good swimmer, he didn't dare to actually dive in the water..sikit-sikit saje.. but the experience is priceless!!

Picture courtesy from Berjaya Hotel Resorts Facebook

Shahiran said the view is seriously spectacular.. :) It was his first time and he enjoyed it to bits! With this activity, the divers alongside with non-divers (like Shahiran)  understand that it is important to educate people on the importance of coral reefs to the ecosystem.

Seriously, I'm not sure, what they did at night, all I know, Mr. Husband keep Whatsapp-ing their pictures eating eating and eating.. (husband said the lamb chop is the best)

p/s sini makan memang terlebih cukup.. sedap pulak tu.. :) mana tak sedap dah namanya hotel punya makanan :D

END of Day 1

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