Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dip & Dip Bangsar

Honestly, I never knew the existence of this chocos restaurant. It's all happened when I wanted to belanja my sis who came back for a short holiday from Perlis. (sebab hari tu masa my birthday, she was not around..so not fair la kan)..

and i asked her what she wanted to eat.. obviously as the dessert lover, I thought i wanted to bring her to any hotel but.. tak jadi sebab kakak kedekut :p, then she opted for this..

DIP & DIP Bangsar.. she said, many of her friends recommended this place..

how about u? i have never heard of this Dip & Dip before..

and so, I asked Mr. Google and panjang berjela lah list yang keluar.. all i can say, most of the bloggers who posted about this Dip & Dip came from teenagers.. i mean the girls where chocolate is like love at the first sight :p

this restaurant is owned by Syrian Company and is located at Jalan Telawi 3 Bangsar, opposite Allianz bank and next to the bookshop.

the crowd.. i was extremely surprised by the crowd.. siap ada waiting list lagi nak duduk.. macam "eh kedai ni famous rupenyer, am i the last person to know"

the menu.. ok..the price.. all i can say, its not that cheap :)

Can you view the menu.. that's the best I can help :)

at first, since we were number 8 in the waiting list and we were in hurry, i asked for take away, by the time makanan tu sampai, dah dapat tempat duduk, kiterang pun duduk laa..

and we ordered

Brownie crepe..

Honestly, SEDAP :).. but seriously you have to share.. kalau tak muak. oh yes, this brownie crepe cost me RM28.90..

and most of it adalah di makan oleh adik I cik Yah.. emir not really a choc lover.. so-so saje..

muke gelap.. next time bawak hubby pulak.. dia tak masuk sebab tunggu dalam kerete :)


Nad MamaZN said...

Saya pun xtau tmpt ni
Huhu! :)

juelee said...

suka sgt dip n dip ni... tp mmg kene makn reramai sbb choc die sangat strong....

mama tisya said...

mkn rmi2 best..terliurrrr....tu la aritu kwn mmg ajk tp sbb dh kenyang mkn nasi daun pisang so layan coffee je..

**pinjam gmbr brownies tu ek nk update kt blog..hehehe

Ezna said...

nampak sedap. Yg tak sedapnya harga sure mahal. hehehe...

nadia farahida said...

kena pegi ramai2 mesti lagi besttt kann :))


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