Tuesday, December 18, 2012

BIG Winning entry: Makeover by nadiafarahida done by Wall MakeOver by Na.com

Alhamdulillah another sweet memories to be remembered for 2012. It was purely unexpected winnings and it was one of the wishlish I have for so long.. 

I do love interior design but to have one, it requires a lot of effort -- mostly the budget commitment, and to be honest, I  have yet to allocate any budget for renovation or interior design.. not yet.. just not yet.. but slowly i will strive for it.. 

and it is so meaningful to see your name as the Grand Prize winner when the prize is a MAKEOVER :) anyway, the makeover word pun kalau nama nya perempuan, u totally will jump for joy because most of the time, it will change you for the better..

As you know, the prize is sponsored by Nadia from nadiafarahida.com and with the trust that she has to this Company who actually done the makeover at her house, Nadia re-hired Wall Makeover by Na.com for this special project.

Note: Visit Wall Makeover by Na.com's Facebook for ideas and latest offers. FYI, the office is located at Menara Standard Chartered, Jalan Sultan Ismail.

Honestly, am not too sure the exact price but according to Nadia it is very affordable. 

So, the crew came around 11 am early in the morning and the crew was the owner itself, Mr. Reza. I was like questioning myself "sorang je ke", but hell yeah.. owner mestilah power kan.. kalau i buat sure lembap dan tak habis-habis...

I am not a fussy person, as long as it looks nice, I'm fine.  Mr. Reza shared his few ideas which actually helped me to decide which wall to be the featured wall. and to be honest, I had no idea what color would be the background, i thought it was blue since when I discussed with Nadia, i told her that I wanted blue as it would match most of the colors in the room, so when I saw Mr. Reza started to paint in grey, I was panicked :p I am so not used with grey hehehe..

tapi bila dah habis.. i terus cakap 'cun cun" and the blue polkadots make my day .. suke.. imagine if I have blue background, with blue bed and blue curtain , tak ke tenggelam kan.. so my advise, where possible and to some extend, just trust the expert :)

Speaking of Emir, he was so excited to get his room. He even told his friends (by the way, sekarang ni budak kecik ni dah start call-mengcall rakan taulan dia) and informed that 

"you know my room is ready on Monday"

and you see how he monitored the progress... ;)

dari pakai baju, tertonggeng, ke sini ke depan, sampai lah terbukak baju.. ok, not terbukak.. saje bukak :)

me on the other hand preparing the lunch i think for 10 person :p ingat ramai benor orang datang :p ada ayam bbq, ikan siakap, daging, sayur.. and my heart just popped out when Mr. Reza told me..

"oh dulu saya chef"

Served the chef? Me?


tapi moto i -- biar orang keluar rumah i dengan perut kenyang :) harap-harapnya.. 

after few hours, Emir has a match light saber color in his room and the picture proof it all.. 

you see you see.. it was not only eye catchy but if you look nearer, Mr. Reza leaves a flawless finish on our wall  - well as a non expert, he gives a first rate producing result :) honestly, at a glance you may think this is a wallpaper rather than a wall paint. 

to give more impact to the wall, Mr. Reza suggested to color some of the dots with black, and he actually provided 2 options, either add another black polka dot in between or a random black polkadot, so i chose the later and I personally satisfied with my decision :)

and one satisfied little customer .. should i say more.. and this is the last picture before Mr. Reza balik. Thank you so much for this great artwork.

later in the evening, nadia came to our house with her husband and her little sister.. and she surprised me with  another sweet prize for Emir.. 

an aeroplane wall sticker -- bende yang Emir suke sangat-sangat.. he once had an ambition to be a pilot and he stick with this ambition for few years until he changed it last year -- to become a badminton player replacing Dato' Lee Chong Wei (i terkejut dia kenal DLCW)..

even though that was my first time meeting Nadia, but we were like sisters.. :) especially she is so friendly and approachable, u know me, most of the time, i ni kayu jugak nak nak jumpe orang for the first time.. 

and the mission accomplished :) Emir is so proud of his DIY .. kesian Nadia, she told me jenuh dia mencari kapal terbang ni merata-rata sebab masa discussion tu dah tersebut kapai terbang .. terharu ok.. i didnt expect this far.. 

and now, the room is totally a boy's room. and Emir is so happy with the finishing, malam tu jugak he decided to sleep in his room. Oh yes, buat pertama kalinya dia tido dalam bilik dia sendiri :).. and he officially claimed this is his room.. 

Nadia's sister tu macam anak sedara i.. sebijik. in fact mak i pun tersilap, ingat anak sedara i .. pelanduk dua serupa.. and she is just 11 years old.. macam dah besar kan..  and looking at this picture, muke macam adik beradik pulak.. 

Dear Nadia, I hope this is not the last time we meet each other. Feel free to visit us anytime you want, and thank you for this gift and absolutely thank you for choosing me as a winner.. it is a perfect gift at the right time.. sangat sentimental value untuk Kak Mira..  

Once again thank you
from little Emir & Family


mummy_ayu said...

wah..memang simple & nice sgt deco2 kat bilik Emir tu..congrats dear...suka Emir yer..and cingrats to Emir gak coz berani tido bilik sendiri dah..you are big boy kan?

Mama Zharfan said...

waaa sgt cantik!!!!!!!!!!

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

i can see mmg emir sangat hepi--bergambar pun excited tgk kamera. mmg chantek la mira..good job nadia and the team

Mimie said...


Nad @ MamaZN said...

Hadiah paling bermakna kot..sentimental value ;)

Wansteddy Tales said...

beshnya.... to emir, auntie wan pun sangat suka polkadot design ^^ Tahniah mira :D

nadia said...

kak mira :)
hehe. sokmooo tau silent hp. ;p nasib baik approved. kalau tak, mati nadia dah siap post baru bgtau. hahaha. thank you to kak mira tooo. alhamdulillah, lega nadia bila tau kak mira and emir suka. at least, kita nampak hasil. kan? ;))

nadia said...

kak mira, ape fb kak mira eh? cer add nadia kak. nadiafarahida :)

~LeeyanaRadhi~ said...

canteknyee...emir sgtla encem mcm anak mat salleh.. =)

mama_umar_maryam said...

oh myyyyy...sgt2 berbaloi ok..cantek sgt bili emir!!!

s h a said...

Cantiknye bilik Emir.Siyes ingatkan wallpaper.Memang nampak kekemasannya.Btw,salam kenal. :)

miza yusof said...

tahniah kak mira :)
cantik bilik emir :)

*kak mira da padam ke entry akad nikah dekat kedah tu ? miza sendiri sebagai orang kedah pun tak tahu. nak baca pengalaman kak mira.

ashra said...

wah..congrats..bestnyeeee emir.cantik bilik...

.::: Princess MOMOY :::. said...

cantiknya. pandai sis nadia ambil hati budak2 dengan emir diy sendiri. ni part paling best sbb dia rasa sendiri sentuhan peribadi dia kan. mmg terbaik dan menarik. sangat cool

Invisible Me said...

Baru baca entry ni.
Nampak yg handsome boy, Emir sangat puas hati dengan bilik baru dia :)


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