Saturday, August 07, 2010

My Water Moments with TX5 at Sunway Lagoon

It was a last minute decision to reply to Nuffnang's email. I thought I wanted to pass the invitation since I refused to follow to my husband's Family Day (takkan lah kite tak nak pergi laki kite punyer, pastu menceceh nak ajak kite punyer event kan). but on Friday, we had lunch together, and I just informed Mr. Husband, I've got two free tickets from Nuffnang, and hubby was so lovely cos he just said "aa pergilah, bawak Emir sekali, dua tiket, kite hantar je lah, awak layan Emir".. me just replied "tanaklah, Emir punyer tiket, beli je lah"

and so on Saturday morning, off  we rushed to Mali Cove, Sunway Lagoon...

I heard many people got lost to find their way to the registration counter, luckily it was a smooth sailing for us. Yerp, it was quite confusing especially like me yang dah nak dekat 10 tahun kot tak pergi, the last time,i went there after my SPM together with my Jasinian's friends..

The moment Emir saw the sparkling water, kelam kabut dia mintak tukar baju, he was half asleep by the time we arrived here..

This area has been reserved only for us.. seronok lah kan, cos not many children were attending this event..

Slide and the kids

First freestyle

Second freestyle

Seriously, not many mummy bloggers attended this event, I met Nani (err.. couldnt find your blog address, sorry yer..) she came with her daughter. Nice meeting you.. Jumpe jugak Sumijelly, Cik Lily and Eyriqazz (Iman) - he is one friendly blogger seriously... but never had a chance to take pictures together with them.

Anyway, honestly, I am actually one shy lady whom very hard to break the ice unless kalau dah betul2 kenal. selalunyer kalau datang event dok diam diam, unless ade dua orang je keliling, baru i ade keberanian sikit nak tegor.. huhu else, I layan Emir jer.. :p takut jugak orang cakap I sombong kan.. but yeah, what to do.. dah memang cam tu even though I am one of their loyal reader, but if they do not know me, I just keep mum hehehe..

Emir was so excited waiting for this water moments..

Kedebush... air tumpah..

Those who attended the event.

Ade contest, attendees were divided into few group consists of five members in the group, the group who scored the highest point would walkaway with Sony CyberShot.. Heard that not only one group but few groups had a chance to own the Sony's camera. But i didn't participate, baik layan Emir, tiket free ni pun dah cukup baik kan.. You know, one ticket to Sunway Lagoon now cost RM60 for adult and RM48 for a child.

When the game started, me and Emir managed to go to other places. Actually, Emir was the only one who could enter the other park while my wrist band was only limited to Mali Cove, but hehe yours truly "agak kecil" dan berjaya ke tempat dan lain lain.. hehehe,

But hubby on the other hand, tak lepas, kekekee, pity him, he was stucked inside the Mali Cove with no one to accompany him, and both Emir and I only backed to Mali Cove during lunch hour - eating time hahaha. No picture was taken when both Emir and I on the other side of the place..

The only picture of us with Emir as usual, refused to look at the camera.. Oh, we didn't wait for the result, especially when there was no lucky draw (ke ader??) cos we had to attend Aleesya's Birthday Party (Hana's daughter) (will update later).. but anyway, I was happy cos the ticket adalah PERCUME.. :) Hey, kan I love freebies.. :p


mama zharfan said...

bestnya attend free events like this..kalau me ada kat msia maunya me pun join :)nice pics!!

Em's Family said...

ya kalau u ade kat malaysia, ade la teman teman nak ngendeng :D

Iryani Noor said...

wah best nyer.. yg buat lg best bile dpt tiket free =p...

Eyriqazz said...

memang best event semalam...seronok.....tak sempat nak update lagi pasal ni..penat teman wife shopping..hik3,nice meeting u yesterday..actually, first impression mula2 macam kak ina kl,ingatkan garang..tuh yg takut2 nak tegur..but bila dah tegur peramah orangnya...I think i should learn this lesson...Most bloggers peramah...

Sumijelly said...

hehehe...yerla..baru pasan.. lupa nak ambik gmbr sesama...hehehe

dan x sempat nak borak panjang kan?? sbb sibuk main air...hak3..
mcm x pernah mian air lak..hehehehe

Ummi Dania Yasmine said... event nih!!

Em's Family said...

yani: ha ah memang lagi best dapat tiket free :) so rajin rajin la join nuffnang

eyriqazz: salam, ya, memang ramai orang cakap muke i cam garang, macam malas nak layan orang, ape nak buat dah dapat muke cam tu.. pulak pulak susah nak start bercakap, lagi lah kan

sumijelly: ha ah, macam mane lah nak amik gambar, tengok u sibuk, pastu nampak macam ade proses geram jer...

ummi dania yasmine: best sebab tiket free :p


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