Monday, February 01, 2010

In Loving Memory

In loving memory
My Andak
14 February 1956 - 29 January 2010

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Conversation between Ani (my cousin) and I, couldnt recall exactly how was the conversation..

Ani: Mira, tau tak Andak dekat hospital sekarang
Mira: Tak, bile masuk?
Ani: Semalam, kali ni Andak sakit lain macam sikit, sampai nangis-nangis dia semalam, siap minta maaf dengan orang semua

Few minutes later..
Ani: Mira, boleh mintak tolong baba (my dad) pergi hospital sekarang, Rafa call kate doktor suruh emergency operation, ani ngan che ma (my other aunt) lambat sikit sampai
Mira: sure sure sure

After office hour..
Mira: Andak masuk hospital, kate sakit teruk, rase nak pergi tengok dia, macam mane yer, kate Kak B (my SIL) nak pergi cari lampu hari ni jugak kan
Mr. Husband: Kalau nak pergi tengok orang sakit, pergi je, jangan tangguh-tangguh, Emir tinggal ngan awak, biar kite ngan Kak B pergi cari lampu
Mira: Ok

Arrived at hospital around 6 + and met my dad, my aunt and my cousin at Waiting Room patiently waiting for Arwah from operation theatre. We were quite panicked as the operation took more than two hours. We were all standing in front of the OT room, and about an hour later, the doctor came out from the door, but my father was not there, he was inside the Waiting Room

Doctor: Wan Halimathon's family?
Me: Yes
Doctor: Who are you?
Me: Anak sedara, I think you better talk to my father
Doctor: Your father is the eldest brother right?
Me: Yes
Doctor: Ya, your father is the right person

Doctor: Its a major operation, her colon has burst, it is a serious matter, luckily she agreed to operate today, even this morning also she still refused to operate. If she didn't operate, she cant even see the night, thats how bad her condition is, with her cancer, she may not make it you know, cross fingers.. and her kidney not really function"



I was on EL since Mr. Husband went to Makasar, and my son was unwell. At noon, received a call from my sister

Jiji: Kak Long Andak tengah nazak

Honestly, I could not think what would be my next course of action, since I was still at home alone with Emir. Should i straight away go to the hospital? or to my mum's house? but since Emir has not had his lunch at that time, we went down to the cafe and tapau nasi and I fed him first. I then showered him, having my lunch and I was not sure what took me to update the blog. While bz with Emir, received a call from my cousin, Aqilah

Aqilah: Kak Long, qilah ni, nak tanye berape no rumah Echor (my dad) erk
Me: da da da..... kenape? qilah kat mane ni
Aqilah: baru nak keluar UM, lepas ni nak ambik Yan, lepas tu baru pergi rumah kak long
Me: Kenape yer..? Andak dah meninggal ke?
Aqilah: Kak Long tak tau ke? Haah Andak dah meninggal
Me: Tak, Kak Long tak tau, Inalillah, hantar pergi rumah Kak Long ke
Aqilah: Ha ah...

Quickly, performed my Zohor prayer and grabbed Emir's bag without checking what was inside the bag, it was already 2pm+, called Emir to move, but he refused to go

Emir: I want to stay at my house
Me: Emir, Andak dah takde, Andak died already, quick, lets go to Atok's house
Emir: No, I want to stay at my house (and he started to cry), I couldnt carried him as my two hands were full with bags and other stuff. I had no idea how to explain about death to him
Me: Emir, tak baik macam ni, somebody needs our help, we must help people, later on, bile kite susah, people might help us, if you refused like this, nobody wants to help you..
Emir: Ok, im sorry... why people need our help?

and his Ibu tried to explain..

Arrived at my mum's house around 3pm,  my siblings were bz cleaning up the house and relatives came to help

Mira: Ani, pukul berape Andak meninggal?
Ani: Dalam pukul 1240 macam tu
Mira: Sape ade?
Ani: Ani ngan Wan Chor (my mum)

Alhamdulillah, semuanya selesai sebelum Maghrib. Arwah dikebumikan di tanah Perkuburan Islam Bukit Kiara. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat.. Al-fatihah..

Knowing arwah, she is a best friend to everyone, I have learnt a lot from her, despite her disease, FYI she was diagnosed with blood cancer in April 2008, she lived to a normal life. Never had she shown her pain to us, she gave us smiles and laughter, arwah always had a story to tell and EVERYONE in our family knows arwah as the most cheerful and must have in any of our family occassion.

I was told that Doctor might think that she only had 6 months, but with Allah blessings she had another two wonderful years. Even, she just came back from performing Haj last December and last weekend, she went to Jalan TAR with my other aunties searching for wedding ideas for our cousin.

In Mecca, we were told that she did everything on her own, and even walked back to the hotel after performing prayers at the mosque. FYI, her condition didnt permit her to be that fit but she managed. Betapa Allah memakbulkan doa arwah untuk mengerjakan Haji. I was still remember how happy she was when Tabung Haji called her that she would be one of the Jemaah Haji.

Of course, from our side, we were worried but Allah knows the best. She came back with thousands stories and thousands smiles.

2 weeks back, my aunt and arwah had being slashed in front of her house. She fell down (FYI, it was really dangerous for her to fall down), but she was stable and did everything on the next day (IC, police report, etc)

Like many others, it was hard to believe that she is no longer with us. Tanyelah relatives dekat dan jauh, her office mates... she is something.. a wonderful woman.. I will miss her stories. Really. Arwah ade, baru kumpul2 family menjadi, and she never failed to wish me Happy Birthday.. now she is not here with us but she will always be in our heart.. Al Fatihah..


a wife, mother and an employee said...

mira, takziah from us. moga roh arwah ditempatkan di kalangan yg beriman.
I met her before when yani's family and ur aunties came to edinburgh. she was A nice person and friendly. ingat lagi bila dia takut2 nak hold asrar haqqi but i convinced her sebab asrar was a big baby.

Iryani Noor said...

salam takziah for u n ur family.. moga roh arwah ditempatkan dikalangan org yg beriman.

kirana said...

takziah buat awk sekeluarga

mamalisa said...

salam perkenalan..

salam takziah utk you & family, she must be strong and special person esp on Haj journey..Allah sayangkan dia,insyaAllah. take care.

Em's Family said...

ariffah: yes, everyone will know arwah as a friendly person. senang to get along and you will always feel comfortable when she is around.

iryani and kirana: thanks, sedekahkan al fatihah yer..

mamalisa: yes, sangat amazing bile u dengar cerite pada dia.. dengan keadaan dia macam tu

BabyBooned said...

takziah mira.. its hard to lose someone who is so dear..


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