Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Baba & Mama menunaikan haji


46 days ago..

And after 46 days.. Alhamdulillah..


Happy New Year 2008.

In Chinese, Eight means Luck. (am i correct?), but how about 7 or to be specific 2007. Time flies. and we never realise that 2008 has comes. Alhamdulillah, I am grateful to Allah that I am still able to see 2008 and be with my lovely families.

As a mother, nothing can makes me smile rather than to watch my son's day to day development. 2007 taught me more about parenting. Emir has started the earlier year of 2007 with crawling and now he knows how to irritate me!! :). He jumps, he smile and he can dance whereever he loves to and now he is addicted to POCOYO!! Thanks kak didik for introducing me this Pocoyo.

As for myself, in the year 2007, I have learnt more about independence and life. I guess im not to late to know that life is not easy if you dont work hard and too honest :). At least i can see the world with a bigger picture.

I dont believe in resolution. I would rather to place the word resolution with WISH. Its a big difference. Resolution is more towards our determination and we have to strive to aim for it, but WISH macam InsyaAllah :) Cuba tapi bile tak dapat tak de la keciwa sangat kan..

Anyway here are my WISHes

a) Another baby. Yes. This is on top of my list. :)
b) Semua dalam family sihat, tanak dah siape2 masuk hospital.
c) Our financial - more stable. we dont do well in this dept.
d) New environment. hehe.lets stop here.
e) Losing weight. at least 1 kg per month. So towards the end of the year 12 kg oklah kan. Tapi nak tambah baby, heheh.. just an excuse :p
f) I want to dress up. Haha.. yeah, i think im serious sebab rasenyer 2007 i dont even care about my dressing, make ups, facial wash, to be exact - everything about perempuan la.
g) I really look forward for a vacation, anywhere before we have to pay 100% for Emir :) so thats mean we have 6 months from now. :)
h) yes, family vacation!
i) Pap smear.. aiyoo this is difficult for me ok.

Yang tak sure for the year 2008..

a) sign up for master program..
b) menang contests yang best-best.. haha

Yang confirm tak boleh buat in the year 2008

a) bagi Encik Emran tak marah.. hehe..

2008 that i look forward

THREE WEDDINGS.. hehe.. siape.. RAHSIA.. :)

but i couldnt remember which advert highlighted this statement. something like this

"lets talk more about others and less about us"..

and it is so true..

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