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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Friso Family Day Out 2010 Post Event Winner

Simply WOW WOW WOW!!

Have you read my entry? Click here to view :)

Received an email from Nuffnang with the title Results of the Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out blogging contest are out!! I then opened the inbox and continue reading...

I saw my name there but I wasn't fascinated as I thought it may be a statement something like this "Thank you Wan Faziatul Amira for your participation" but then, I reread the email and I quickly jumped off from my bed and showed the email to Mr. Husband. Mr. Husband gave a big smile and congrats his wife, but silly me, I asked him "is that my name??" and he answered "sape lagi yang ada nama panjang macam tu" (Who else has a long name like yours) hahaha lol..

Few minutes after, I received an email from Teoh Xinxian, the Bloger Relations Executive from Nuffnang to confirm of my winning entry. 


After almost 7 years of blogging, this is the biggest winning so far. It just a dream comes true. Rezeki to my family. Honestly, I have uploaded quite numbers of pictures during the event, but things that I did not know that, two days after I have submitted my entry, an unfortunate event happened. The only pictures that left were actually the pictures that I have uploaded in this blog..

Thank you thank thank you to Nuffnang and Friso Gold for choosing me as the winner. RM1,000 is really a BIG money for me. 

So, people may asked what I am going to do with the winning cash... 

Spend and Save. Used half and spend half. I may spend some money for my next trip which I have not decide where and when and Save part of the money to ensure that my dream for built in wardrobe comes true. Eh, is it this is the definition of SAVING ha-hah :D

Again, isn't blogging interesting? and my definite answer would always be YES..!!

Before I end, let me tell you how happy I am..



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