Friday, June 03, 2016

When the four get together

A friend in need is a friend in deed.

Evaluate a person by assessing his/her friends.

Alhamdulillah, i could not thank the friendship that we have built from cyberspace.

Starting from blogging, then comping it continues to talk about life.

It was veryyyyy difficult for four of us to meet and usually yours truly have to excuse herself from the gathering #sadsadsad In fact, i can only join the lunch if the venue is in KLCC. Pity them to have a friend like me hehe. What to do, im working from 9 to 5.... where physically I have to be at the office.

Our meeting spot was just at Food Court KLCC and the first person to arrive was Ezna with her daughter, Dania. Bubbly Ezna, you will never get bored to hear her story.  And tell you, she has a lottttt to share..

Next to arrive was Suzi with her two sons, Zharfan and Ariff. A lady with discipline, and align with her profession as a law lecturer. :)

And there comes Ayu.. A mother with 6 children but still have times for a lotttttttt of thing. I wonder how she juggles between her work and motherhood #salute while typing this, i imagine her saying this "sorry youuuu, i tadi ade plan A, lepas tu plan B pulak" lebih kurang gitulah trademarknnye hahaha

I was only managed to join them until 1.40 then as usual i have to leave these beautiful ladies. I know i missed the hot topic conversation but you know.. Terubat juga jumpe mereka mereka ni... 

Zharfan and Dania. Malu malu.. Bertabah je anak-anak ni tunggu mak depa borak. 

With "something" scheduled on me, I am honestly touched when someone is telling you "mira, i doakan you"...

Yerp, a true friend will always be with you through thick and thin...

Sayang sayang kamu... 

Semoga persahabatan kite kekal ke jannah.


Mama Zharfan said...

thanks for this frenship
frenship till jannah insya Allah

#take care. hugs


mira tak sihat ke? mira masuk hospital tue? semoga dimudahkan semua urusan mira


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