Thursday, June 16, 2016

health is wealth

Subhanallah, i was surprised to know that some of my close friends still "stalk" my blog. I seriously thought that my blog now is just a place for me to dump all my happiness and to let Emir knows his mother inside out.

Plus, blogging nowadays is no longer attractive i guess. I've seen that currently blogging is merely to gain money where the post is more towards advert rather than blogging used to be. Ok, not all bloggers, but yeah, time changed kan..

Back to me, you know, i received quite a number of whatsapp / message asking why i was hospitalized and for some, i didnt expect they still read my rumblings. Hopefully, my in laws, nieces, nephews, aunties, uncles have forgotten the existence of this blog..


So here it goes, i was admitted to Pusrawi after being advise by my gynae. In fact, the only person i informed was only my parents, and husband, and some of my close friends. None of my siblings are aware that I was admitted. Well, just put it this way, Im just plain lazy to share.

To be exact, i wasn't ready.

I chose to "check-in" after office hours on Wednesday. At the same time, I had already fasting after lunch hour. First, i got this room, but after 30 minutes, they asked me to change the room as i was not eligible for the above room haha.. (memang tak eligible tapi degil nak masuk situ jugak, finally ada jugak bilik untuk i :))

and below is my room.

First day in the hospital wasn't easy for me. Mentioned above i was fasting from lunch hour, and at 8 pm since there is no confirmation for me to undergo the MRI, so well, and since my tummy sudah drumming badly (bila tak baca niat, lapar dia lain macam :p), so, i ate my dinner :p

just after i finished my dinner, one nurse came to my room and asked whether i have eaten or not. If i haven't they will send me to xray room #haiyaaa... since i already had my dinner, my xray is postponed to the next morning

Mr. Husband went out for work at night, so he left me with Emir. Emir, on the other hand, suddenly got high temperature and at first he slept on the sofa.

Of cos mak tak sampai hati, so i asked him to sleep on the bed and i slept on the sofa. Mr. Husband only came back at 3 am, then only i had no choice but to squeeze myself to sleep together with Emir on the bed.

By the way, i would like to give two thumbs up for the services at PUSRAWI. so far, i might say, Pusrawi is the best. 

The staff (doesn’t matter he is the cleaner or even the doctor), they will greet you with Assalamualaikum, everytime they bump into you. In fact, if the cleaner or the waiter wanted to enter to your  room to deliver food, clean the room, they will always asked from outside, whether it is ok for them to get in. So, I don’t have to worry on my aurah because I always have time to put on my hijab. You see, I told the nurse that Emir was on high temperature that night, instead they were checking on my blood pressure, they took time to check on Emir’s temp. Rasa sangat disayangi lah. Seriously, when you are sick, even though money is for everything, but there is a gap between having a money and having someone to support you.

First thing first, say like somebody told you that she has high blood pressure, don’t ever try to advise them like “tu laa makan banyak kek lagi”, though it’s true, but seriously having to listen to that when you are sick is quite depressing. So avoid to return any negative reply to the patient ok, banyak bende lain boleh cakap “laa, sakit tak” “u ok ke”. Can you see the difference?

Alhamdulillah, the next day Emir was ok and able to attend the chess camp and makan all my food :p. And me … had to go for the MRI. Quite scared because I was alone (husband had to work and accompanied Emir, and I was ok for that). Dad had experienced of MRI and told me that it took him just 30 minutes, but for my case, it took nearly to 2 hours.. No pictures because I was not ready for anything. In fact, never in mind to update a post on this journey.

Unfortunately the result of MRI and blood test couldn't be retrieved by that day, so we had to stay another night in the hospital. Mr. Husband was so busy to finish his marking, until i also had to step in.. (masukkan markah je) 

I do understand why a patient couldnt eat hospital food. Not because the food was not tasty, but to think that you are unwell, adalah sangat tak best. So, i went down to scout for food and only to realize Pusrawi does not have its own cafe. Actually, it has small cafe, but everything was pre-packed. That's where we (yeah the three of us) went to Hotel Putra cafe.. Luckily the price is not the real hotel price, after i see my sambal ikan keli (i hantu ikan keli), the rest is history...

Alhamdulillah, all went well, nothing to worry, just a minor follow up that i have to think of from my side. Well, enough said, health is wealth.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Mama's cooking

Alhamdulillah and selamat berpuasa untuk semua.

Bersyukur kerana masih dipertemukan lagi dengan bulan Ramadhan yang mulia. Seminggu sebelum puasa, saya dimasukkan ke hospital, Alhamdulillah segalanya baik saja.

Memandangkan cuti sekolah, kami decide untuk tinggal saja di rumah mak saya di Kemensah. Mana taknya, tahun ni kira tahun bonus berpuasa di Kemensah sebab Mama sudah pencen (ya mama pencen 31 May lalu), jadi ada banyak sikilah masa mama di rumah. FYI, mama masih lagi pergi ke officenyer tapi tidaklah “sehebat” zaman dia bekerja.

By the way, lepas I keluar hospital, terus I decide nak jalan-jalan.. sebenarnya kalau diikutkan plannya saya nak ke Singapore pada Jumaat pagi (on assumption saya discharge hari Khamis), tapi ditakdirkan saya terpaksa sehari extra tinggal di hospital , dan discharge pula dalam pukul 5 petang hari Jumaat, maknanya terpaksalah cancel kan hasrat nak ke Singapore L ..

Jadi sebab gian meroyan nak jalan sangat, apa lagi, kami pergilah tempat favorite kami di Kuala Selangor :p

Ok entry di Kuala Selangor untuk percutian kali ni nanti saya ada masa saya update.. Sebenarnya saya nak cerita macam mana saya boleh sampai ke Pasar Pasir Penambang :p

Sebab lepas ke Pasir Penambang, terus balik Kemensah, jadi maknanya berpesta lauk pauk seafood yang fresh di Kemensah..

Duduk dengan mak ni nikmat betul sebenarnya.. Walaupun kesian juga dekat mama kita, tapi you know, bila ada mama, automatic jadi pemalas :p Malam sebelum puasa tu punyalah meriah mama masak, I lupe ambik gambar, mama kata ni makan sebelum puasa.

Hari pertama, saya balik kerja macam biasa..

Balik je dari keje, mama dah 80% done cooking.. nikmat betul hidup.. lepas tu bila tengok lauk pauknya.. perghhh mengalahkan buffet..

Belum campur lagi kami kami ni beli makanan di bazar ni..

Alhamdulillah dengan nikmat Allah..


Terlebih rajin nak buat video. Honestly semua ni I upload dalam Instagram, Cuma bila transfer dari phone ke laptop, tak tau mana yang mana, so ada video yang caca-marba tak edit .. tengok je lah yer.. yang penting nampak lauk pauknya..

Mama memang suka masak. Mana ntah dia dapat kekuatan masak padahal diri dia pun bukannya 100% fit.. itulah jadi mak kan.. samalah dengan kite, bile I kat rumah, memang keletung keletang dekat dapur masa bulan Ramadhan.. kalau banyak-banyak bulan, ikutkan Ramadhan lah paling senang penat sekali, nak nak takde maid kan.. semua kene buat sendiri dari memasak sampailah mengemas..  

Sebab mama ada, tidaklah buta-buta tak masak langsung.. setakat menyumbang satu lauk je .. hari pertama I tak masak apa-apa (ok rebus petai kire masak ke :p), sebab balik keje mama dah settle semua.. hari kedua, hubby requested nak makan  sambal udang petang.. so I masaklah yang itu.. hari ketiga, I buat sambal kerang dan hari keempat menu paling simple, ayam goreng kunyit.. ayam kunyit ni lebih pada buat untuk Emir.. Emir ni lauk dia simple sangat, pulak tu, lauk lain tak mo terima.. haihhh..


Mama tak usah cakaplah, ada dua tangan tapi semuaaaaaaaaaa bende dia buat.. kagum dengan mama.. dia suruh kita makan dulu, dia makan paling last sekali, pulak tu masa sahur pun masak lagi.. masa mama keje pun dia masak jugak, tapi selalunya dia keje kan, balik lambat, jadi lauknya lebih kurang yang campak-campak saja lah.. weekend je baru dapat lauk kebabom sikit.. tapi kali ni, mama ada masa sikit… boleh gemuk duduk rumah ni..

Jangan tak tau, setiap hari akan ada satu meja khas untuk dessert, selalunya dessert ni kami makan lepas tarawikh .. sebab masa buka puasa selalu orang kenyang dengan nasi.. baru I perasan setakat ni belum ada lagi I ambik gambar “dessert table” kami..

Selagi mama masih ada, memang seronok dapat merasa tangan mama.. Emir kalau balik Kemensah, keje dia “mengorderrr” je makanan .. ada sekali tu, dia suruh mama masak sup untuk dia untuk sahur.. mama pun bangunnnnlahh untuk cucu dia buat sup huhu..

Terima kasih mama, truly appreciate it..


Friday, June 03, 2016

When the four get together

A friend in need is a friend in deed.

Evaluate a person by assessing his/her friends.

Alhamdulillah, i could not thank the friendship that we have built from cyberspace.

Starting from blogging, then comping it continues to talk about life.

It was veryyyyy difficult for four of us to meet and usually yours truly have to excuse herself from the gathering #sadsadsad In fact, i can only join the lunch if the venue is in KLCC. Pity them to have a friend like me hehe. What to do, im working from 9 to 5.... where physically I have to be at the office.

Our meeting spot was just at Food Court KLCC and the first person to arrive was Ezna with her daughter, Dania. Bubbly Ezna, you will never get bored to hear her story.  And tell you, she has a lottttt to share..

Next to arrive was Suzi with her two sons, Zharfan and Ariff. A lady with discipline, and align with her profession as a law lecturer. :)

And there comes Ayu.. A mother with 6 children but still have times for a lotttttttt of thing. I wonder how she juggles between her work and motherhood #salute while typing this, i imagine her saying this "sorry youuuu, i tadi ade plan A, lepas tu plan B pulak" lebih kurang gitulah trademarknnye hahaha

I was only managed to join them until 1.40 then as usual i have to leave these beautiful ladies. I know i missed the hot topic conversation but you know.. Terubat juga jumpe mereka mereka ni... 

Zharfan and Dania. Malu malu.. Bertabah je anak-anak ni tunggu mak depa borak. 

With "something" scheduled on me, I am honestly touched when someone is telling you "mira, i doakan you"...

Yerp, a true friend will always be with you through thick and thin...

Sayang sayang kamu... 

Semoga persahabatan kite kekal ke jannah.

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