Tuesday, May 31, 2016

my parents 35th year anniversary

and it means, my age is 3+4.

Unlike my mother, my dad seems to remember all the important dates. He is more organized and systematic as compared to my mum and genetically, I followed my mum :). Until now, dad recorded every expenses in his diary and at the same time he has one book to record the exact timing after he took the medicine.

I believe thats the reason why Allah compliment each other. Let me see, as for myself, i read beautifulnara while my husband reads The Edge :p. as simple as that la kan.. 

So this year, in celebrating my parents 35th anniversary, Baba has asked me to arrange something special two months before May. So after i did some survey and discussed among the siblings, we were first planning to stay a night at Malacca. I already book an apartment at The Shorea, Malacca but unfortunately.. 

Two weeks before the actual date, Mum has limited movement. She could not walk and was on bed and on MC at least 1.5 weeks (oh yes, my mum still working). Due to Mama's condition, dad asked me to cancel the plan as Mama is not fit to be on the long journey.

So that is why we ended up having dinner at...

The China Treasure, Sime Darby Convention Centre.

Before I explained further, the food is super superb delicious!! this is my second time here and once again, it never failed  to ruin my diet.. :D

part of it.. 

Actually, we purchased the buffet ticket from Groupon,-- sangat lah berbaloi.. 

Oh, it is buffet style but by order. You order then only the chef will cook for you but you have to make sure you finish alllll of it, otherwise they will charge you as ala carte.

paling tak boleh lupe, i ajar the family to eat this salted egg bun anddddddddddddddd they were seriously crazy about it... ok, i can easily say our family ordered at least 20 sets of this salted egg bun.. GILA! memang rugi lah Sime Darby to have us as their customers :p

and so this is the whole clan of Wan Mohd Salleh prior to the food being served on the table. you see, my father always told me that he own different sizes and features of children. Ada gemuk (its me), kurus, putih, gelap, tinggi, kecikkkk.. we are still considering the family yang baru nak berkembang. Currently, my parents only have 4 grandchildren (thanks to me for only managed to contribute for 1 cucu :))

at the same time, we are celebrating my niece, Asma' second birthday. and my sister is talented enough to bake the birthday cake for her daughter.

wefie, whatever u named it

and you know, it would never be easy to get a perfect picture, and only one person is ready for the camera (welcome to our family, Afiq)

Baba and Mama potong kek tanda 35 tahun kawin. Should learn a lot from them. Honestly, sampai sekarang, i tak pernah nampak my parents bergaduh besar.. haihhh malu pulak dekat Emir.. :)

towards the end of the dinner. masing-masing muka dah kenyang.. 
(well, we asked the waiter to clean up the table :p) 

When everyone was already full, the waiter asked us whether we wanted to place the last order. and suddenly , these two brothers ambik order.. 

Gosh, gila pelahap.. 

and the order was ---- ikan talapia masak ape ntah.. 

The funny part was, my brother, Shahiran (blue tshirt) terkena allergy.. kesian..  my parents had to rush him to the nearest clinic at 2am and the next day, terus MC. we suspected the allergy came from abalone, because that was his last meal.. (udang semua dia tak makan)

aahh.. i really cant get enough of both! ya Allah, bagi lah i peluang dapat anak perempuan...



mama tisya said...

1st time tau yg bli kt groupon utk buffet bole order..tp kena mkn abis la smua ye...cute kek busday tu..anyway happy anniversary utk parent mira...ayah mira tu mcm papa amy...die ada diary catit mcm2 kdg2 tk terfikir mcm sesuatu tu perlu ke catit tp bg die mmg die suka catit...hehe

aimi said...

Bestnya, xpernah try beli groupon. Nak try la, mcm best n untung je :) happy anniversary utk ur mom n dad.


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