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Kuala Selangor Jalan Lagi || Hotel Apps Kuala Selangor

Jika anda ingin tempah hotel di Kuala Selangor boleh cuba app HotelsCombined untuk banding dan dapat kadar terbaik

My previous entry on Kuala Selangor have attracted many viewers and even mr. Husband's colleague "accidentally" stopped by at this blog. Ok honestly i am not comfortable if my readers are among my in laws, relatives, colleague and hubby's friends. Segan ler..

But what to do.. Mr google invited them to be here 😁😁😁

Ok, once again we visited Kuala Selangor and i might say, i would rather spend my weekend at Kuala Selangor rather than PD / Sepang as Kuala Selangor suits my need. Small town, fresh seafood, wet market and yummy food. Oklah, i kan suka makan.. 

Source: Google

This time, Emir has a chess competition in SMS Kuala Selangor KUSESS for two days. So, i booked Apps Hotel which was 5-7 minutes away from KUSESS.

The room is toooo small but enough to fit us three. You need to squeeze yourself to  perform your prayer.

As agreed by the reviewers, the hotel is clean and the staff is friendly, definitely can close your eyes on the small room :)

This hotel i think is quite famous in Kuala Selangor. Every session, there is an event running at the hall.

I didnt get much attention on what the hotel can offer but based on the brochure, this is one of the gateaway to watch the firefly (there is a jetty behind this hotel).

Suitable for teambuilding but one thing that disturbed me most was this hotel is next to Karaoke centre so, do request for a higher floor and the room should not face the Karaoke.

The plus point to stay here is, the hotel restaurant served fresh seafood at reasonable price.

This is what we ordered on the second night. Fried salted egg squid, coconut prawn tomyan, omelette (inside has plenty of small shrimp) and not in the picture is udang kara (ok i dont know what we call in english)

Oh this is udang kara. Banyak juga orang luar datang makan di sini..

Satay Hut is one of the famous restaurant in Kuala Selangor. It is famous for its thumb size satay and full of chicken meat (you know not that chicken fat in the middle)

We wanted to come here from the first night but we were so tired after waiting for Emir the whole day. And you know, i need to secure Emir's energy for the next day competition. From Kuala Selangor main town to Satay Hut, it takes approximately 16 minutes without the traffic. So tidaklah dekat sangat...

Apart from satay, Satay Hut is also famous for its Mee Rebus. Do try the Mee Rebus Special for just RM12 as it is full with fresh seafood. Dah la sedap kuahnya...

And this is my favorite place. Pasar Nelayan Sungai Yu...

I memang excited datang sini (very the mak mak type)

This time, i bought Kijing (like Lala) at RM6 per KG, some stringrays, siput and this XL size prawn. Yang lain dah habiss tapi puas hati sebab semua baru naik ke darat. 

Ingat nak bawa balik sikit dekat Kemensah, tapi dah tak larat nak balik ke Melawati... And unfortunately i only own small size freezer. Tak muat nak simpan banyak2... The best reason why i have to repeat my visit here...

Highlight of the day, Alhamdulillah Emir and his school team managed to get no. 8 at the Competition.. Will update this in next next next entry.. #taktaubile

Jom ke Kuala Selangor.. 


Cuti-cuti Kuala Selangor for easy reference

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aimi said...

Semua tpt yg mira tulis ni sy dh pegi... Itu pun sbb follow blog mira entry lepas. Satay hut mmg best :) sll teruja baca entry makan :) 👍


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