Friday, August 28, 2015

a little something about my kerja hakiki

as you may be aware, or looking back at my previous previous entry, i realized i did grumbled (read: a lot) about my works... this lah.. that lah... 

to be honest, the experience that i have gone thru before was indeed hurtful and challenging for a sensitive me. i bukan jenis hati kering, i ni cepat lembik and senang jugak lah terasa.. 

but one fine day, i realized as age catching up and i have more priority things to do rather than menghambakan diri dengan gundah gulana, i grew up to be a different person or with other words "redha"

dan hasilnya.. 


tho not what i was expecting but at least ketenangan tu ada.. orang kata "lantak pi lah" apa-apa pun, what matter most is i am comfortable with what i am doing and be more focus.

Honestly eversince i get serious into online business, i have to be more focus. sebab saya cuma ada dua tangan dua kaki dan satu kepala and i have only 24 hours to work on a daily basis. and my 24 hours have to be fairly shared between work commitment and family. so there you go.. 

there is no secret between me and my immediate boss in fact the other department knows my intention to change from finance to hr skill group.. but until now, yes, masih lagi tidak berjaya. i belum reda lagi bab ni :) insyaAllah dengan doa semua, doakanlah yer permintaan diluluskan. i know many said that finance has a better career prospect but u know, u drive your own career.

so ini adalah event yang i kene organize for our finance day.. and i keep telling my colleagues this gonna be my last finance event :p

-- macam berjaya lah kan -- 

till then..

p/s gambar banyak tapi tak bley nak upload kot ternampak details kan :)


Mama Zharfan said...

all the best :)

kayyana said...

doa doa doa.. semoga apa sahaja yg kite inginkan akan tercapai... rezeki is everywhere.. =) salam perkenalan

aimi said...

Good luck mira :) betul, kita lebih tau apa aim kita :)


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