Thursday, May 14, 2015

Angry Bird Park, Johor Bahru Malaysia

I was searching high and low to find more information about this park in blogs but unfortunately i was quite disappointed as many bloggers are only posted the brief summary of this theme park. 

For your information, this Angry Bird Park has recently opened to public in October 2014 and is marked another new attraction in centre of Johor Bahru, Johor. This park is located at Komtar, JBCC, next to JB City Square. Hubby said the building was refurbished, but honestly i know nothing about the building :p

As an alien to this place, we confidently make our way to JB City Square until i realized there was no Angry Bird signage. By then, only I make an effort to ask the receptionist counter.

First of all, let me show you Emir's excitement.

The ticket was priced at RM60 for both adult and children with Mykids, but in total with this the most welcoming GST, ended up i have to pay extra RM8. By the way, if you are holding Maybank Credit Card or Debit card, the entrance fee is reduced to RM56 per ticket. 

By the way, please bring along your socks as socks must be wear at all time in the park.

I might say, this is quite a small theme park approximately a size of Cold Storage (ok, dunno what else to compare with) but the kids must be very excited to see the Angry Bird  comes alive. Thumbs up for the interior design as you can see the exact interpretation of the game.

I didnt take many pictures. At the beginning Emir was quite bogged down to know that two of the activities 1) Lazer Bird Scoot and (2) Space Drop Air Bagare only intended for children age 10++. Well, honestly, i was not satisfied with the age limitation especially talking about riding a scooter? 

I told Emir to pretend that he is 10 years old, i know im bad, but thats the thing. Emir being Emir, he will follow the rules. If the instruction says so, he will diligently follow the instruction, break the rules never in his dictionary. He politely informed the staff that he is 9 and of cos, the staff wont let him to try the activities. 

Yes, for the mother, it was pretty hard to accept. Macam tak logik main basikal pun nak 10 tahun ke atas?, but u you see, i do respect the staff. They were just doing their job rite. 

Im quite disappointed because there is not much activities inside. Another thing, foods and beverages are not allowed inside the park. So, in case you need to fill up your tummy, you can just exit the park anytime you want to in a day. 

We spent almost 2.5 hours in the park as we (at first) were planning to return back to KL on the same day. All in all, nothing much i can say about the park. ?being kids, so long they are surrounded by their loved one, im sure, they are happy.


Mama Zharfan said...

age limit 10 yo tu mcm pelik..emm

teacher baker said...

tq cadang nak bawak ameer dan adik2 g sana.mgkn tggu diorg besar sikit baru berbaloi.selalu gak jalan2 kat mall tu tapi x nyinggah2 lagi.baca entry mira ni baru la faham bila sesuai..

Merlyn Hasshim said...

i mmg tak suggest masuk ke sini, sebab mmg tak pernah baca any review pun. mcm tak berbaloi nak bayar dengan harga tiket yang mahal.

eima said...

HMMM for me this place quite interesting .... enjoy ... anak2 sy pun begging almost everyday to come again ... mayb this jun ...kami akan dtg lagi .... this place better than legoland kot ... hehehe

eima said...

oh ye ... boleh guna wave or google maps utk cari komtar jb ...confirm jumpa


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