Thursday, February 05, 2015

Back to the past

and so it has been the second month of February 2015 and if you are aware, i am trying my very best to post one entry per day -- kind of unnecessary wishlist in 2015 but im getting used to it and err -- its fun, though like yesterday, i only posted an entry few minutes before 12 am.. 

With this strict routine, i only realized that i have a lot of stories to share, something that my next generation is able to evaluate how crazy / boring their mom / granny is  and not on how the readers will assess me. :) (i tau, macam budak-budak tulis karangan)

well, getting a year older, recently, i received a lot of sad stories that truly touched my emotions. What i didnt tell you earlier, a dear friend of mine when i was in Secondary school passed away in November 2014 due to dengue (ok not sure, but it was related to blood). Allahyarham Fitri is very well known to everybody, love by many and if you are able to see his Facebook Newsfeed, you can find more stories about how selflessly Arwah had given to others. One thing that i learnt from him was the way he put a respect to others especially the elderly, even my mum likes him. Oh my mum was once Arwah's lecturer back then when Arwah's was in UTM. I remember Arwah called me immediately after knowing that my mum was one of his lecturer, and mum said the bubbly Arwah turned to be a quiet student (something so not him).

Though i admitted that we were not that close after i entered MRSM, but everynow and then we would meet once a while during kenduris. I regretted not saying hi to him when he posted a Facebook status that he was not well and even more frustrated when i noticed that I did not have any FB messages with him. 

Life is short. Few days after Arwah's departure, I received another sad news that one of the staff passed away. Again, a young brilliant lady died due to prolonged SLE and what disturbed me most was, she has two little daughters aged 6 and 4. 

The question of What if What if What if (read: millionth time) playing around in my mind. Yes, agree Allah knows best, but unfortunately we do not know what is the best to us.

May Allah SWT bless us all - accept our doas, forgive our sins, multiply our hasanat, grant us a good health and happiness and ultimately Jannah.

Alfatihah to Muhammad Fitri bin Abdullah.


aimi said...


Yup, same here. Sll fikir "what if what if what if" :'(

Semoga kita tidak alpa dan anak2 kita dlm lindunganNya sll :(

Salma Tayo said...

i hate getting older too. everyone around me past away one by one. it was kind of sad thinking that someday, i will be the next person to leave too.

zety said...

:( deep...


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