Monday, September 29, 2014

The best about my *w*o*r*k - Sabah trip

The moment the coordinator booked our calendar, i honestly became so excited. First thing most, though my department is super busy, very accounting firm oriented but one thing here that i treasure the most is the relationship among the colleagues. We, i might say, a bunch of "young kids" who will easily forget about work, age and position once we went out for outing / tea*m b*uilding and we know how to enjoy ourselves. 

There you go, this year, Kota Kinabalu is our destination for out get together a.k.a tea*m b*uilding. So as usual, this post is quite long outstanding but still, it is worth for this event to have a fair share in this space :)

This year, the team is divided into two airlines, as a precaution, in case something "wrong" with one flight, other team will continue to run the department.. Ok sounds so bad, but thinking about the logic behind this.. ade betulnya.. 

So, my flight was Malindo and i have to be at KLCC as early as 430 am as our flight departed at 8am ++.  My first time visiting KLIA 2 and yes, im quite impressed with the airport -- fact: it is so easy to beat LCCT right :p

wefie before masuk flight. Note tangan belakang is not middle hand yer, 10 kali tuan punya badan pesan.. itu ticket kapai terbang..

This is our hotel for 3 days two nights. seronok betul orang hotel tu terima kami.. Rase macam welcome sungguh.. 

Right after we checked in to our hotel, the organizer has arranged for us to visit Mari-Mari Cultural Village. 

Mari Mari Cultural Village tour is located deep in the countryside about 25 minutes away from the modern and developing Kota Kinabalu city. The village operates as a museum that preserves Borneo ethnic culture. It aims to share the knowledge, history, culture, and tradition of Borneo with you so that it is not forgotten.

Generally, quite interesting to see different cultures in Malaysia and i was so happy to strike off one of my wishlish which was - tryouts Kadazan's dance. Yesza, i volunteered to be a "clown" on the stage and spontaneously dragged one of my colleague to dance with me. Yes, she is mad :p To be honest, i was too shy, being a fat lady somehow, i cant deny, it lowered my self esteem and this is one of it.. takut jatuh gedebuk macam  buah nangka busuk but I took the risk, thicken my face and went for the dance group tryout. and wah-lah with small steps.. it quite easy so long you understand the steps.

But unfortunately, there is no picture of me on the stage :(

Later that night, we had our so called "annual dinner" and the theme for this year is Hawaiian.

Last year, we had our pirates theme party and the organizer had allocated some budgets to reward those who really put an effort to dress up like a pirate. And there you go, my group won the best costumes (for groups). But this year, the organizer cancelled this kind of reward as they think it is unfair for those who don’t have that “appetite” to dress up :p But hey, being us, takde reward pun we dressed up as a group but of cos, we make it simple as we can.

And this is my group “uniform” for that night. Tell ya, I hate wearing like this (tuck in), it really shows that I am currently wearing XXXL size, but yeah, at times, you have to feel confidence about yourself else you don’t enjoy what you do.  So pejam mata buat sajalah.

There were lot of activities that night and this is one of it.

That night ada banyak activities and this is one of it.

But the best activity - where we have to perform flash mob (the whole group) using macarena song.. Best babe though it was really tiring of Day 1 (remember we have to be at KLCC as early as  430 am)

The next day – ok ini I suke.. Island hopping but dekat je lah, Mamuntik and Manukan island, about 10 minutes from the jetty. Though the island is located near to the city, but the water is quite crystal clean, but yes, not as beautiful as Mabul – lah, but still acceptable and you know like “a city girl trying to escape and found paradise” – cam gitulah.. Of cos ade teambuilding activities but later, we managed to squeeze our time for  snorkeling. 

Me with Naz. Naz is a friend of mine sejak zaman audit firm. dari E**Y to D**el**oitte and now in the same department doing the same thing :) and when the picture was taken below, it was the day when she turned 3* years old.

Snorkeling .. buahaha.. guess what, that was the first time I know the correct way to wear the snorkeling mask. For the first 40 minutes, I was struggling to understand why I couldn’t breathe under the water unlike my colleagues yang relax aje, then only I realized I did it the wrong way. And there you go, I wasted 40 minutes not enjoying the moment when once I knew the concept, all my colleagues already swimming towards the shore. Frustrated jugaklah tapi sempat nampak ikan buntal.. how I wish, Emir is with me since he too loves water activities.

Bawah ni setting for our lunch buffet. by the beach.. berangan macam ada orang propose dekat sini haha

Later that night, we had our dinner at Nelayan Restaurant KK and yes.. the food were so yummylicious and I agree, if you refuse to experience bad dinner, please do visit Nelayan Restaurant and err.. of cos, there is a price to pay for quality food service :p. As a proof, there are  many foreigners rather than the locals.. so boleh tahu la kan :D 

And I tasted this.. not bad not bad.. but I only able to swallow at least 5..

The next day was the last day we were in KK and since my flight was scheduled at 5 ++ pm,  so yesza yesza, ada time nak shopping.. yours truly spent a lot. Yes, I mean a lot.. from pearls, to seafood, to kerepek, and I constantly reminded myself – “once a while” tho the damaged is quite “hurt”.

And I just got to know that KK has its own Hard Rock shop. A small cabin corner near the famous hotel (ok dah lupe name) as usual I only bought that classic Hard Rock magnet. 

But yes, honestly, this is the best t*ea*mbu*ild*ing trip ever! Light and easy..

Of cos the best part is this goodie bag :D not in the pictures are few iSetan vouchers  

gambar ni gambar Naz.. i punye color biru


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