Thursday, August 14, 2014

Husband new hobby: Calligraphy / Canvas / Tulisan Khat

It's a fact that my husband loves to switch hobbies from one another. It started with photography.. Different categories of photography technique.. from landscape, small insects then it moves to mountain climbing, he went for numerous hiking activities and conquered many of famous mountains in Indonesia (despite the physical doesn't look like one :p)..

and now he ventures into new exciting hobby -- 

art calligraphy.. tulisan khat dan sewaktu dengannya.. 

ok, he once attended khat class in Kota Kemuning three years back, but at that time, it was merely to learn and master the art of khat. 

But this year like many other years, I was not sure how it started, but Mr. Husband tends to buy all art stuff, "visiting" all art shops that he knows and yada yada he is now producing many watercolor artwork.

Yada yada, and the "addiction" even worst when he won the first prize painting competition in Pahang (should blog about this one fine day). What I like most of this new hobby is, -- now Mr. Husband starts to think of generating some cash out of his hobbies .. oh ya, dont you know that marriage is like a workshop. The man works and the woman shops :) 

But when it comes to real painting, we found out that there is only a niche market in Malaysia and not many of us are interested in buying some real painting.. and i admit that. At it even more difficult when Mr. Husband is a newcomer in this industry. 

I'm not forcing him, but he is turning back to his calligraphy skill and wahla it works.. 

Alhamdulillah. Trust me, Mr. Husband is the type of person who doesn't care the value of his artwork. To him, he is more appreciating those who can value the hardwork . But when his "Ministry of Finance" comes into play, so there you go.. im turning this into cash :p

Why not kan.. Takkan nak simpan semua dekat rumah..

From one canvas to another, we are surprised with the response.. Alhamdulillah.. so, here are some of the painting for your view. Let me start with the painting that i like most.. 

and we go to the only available painting at home. Ada sape nak, i can sell this at much cheaper cheaper price. Size 4' x 3'. Besar.

and the below (green 1000 dinar painting), insyaAllah will be in Doha :) 

Bila ambil gambar nak macam lusuh.. but honestly it is a nice painting

This is all from his 10 fingers, no digital artwork is needed.

below is Ayat Qursi but when the picture was taken it was not 100% completed. 

and let me ends with this syok sendiri photo from Mr. Husband. All of his artwork below are taken except one that i mentioned above

Oh, so long you contact us directly, we are selling at much much cheaper price (many of our clients are shocked with our pricing :p - katenyer kesian husband saye).. but once husband's painting joined any gallery.. habis.. harga jadi lainnnnnnnnn 


suhailah hamid said...

MashaAllah, sgt2 cantik.

Your husband mmg sgt kreatif dan talented.

Alhamdulillah atas rezeki.

Salam perkenalan dr sy sue.

Jemput singgah ke

Wan Amira Wan Salleh said...

Salam Sue ..

terima kasih .. -- > on behalf of my husband :)

Nad MamaZN said...


Nad MamaZN said...


Wan Amira Wan Salleh said...

kite pun tumpang jugak nad

Mama Zharfan said...

impressive indeed!! u kena suruh ur husband buat siggy utk contest hehhe lumayan kan kalau boleh secure GP prizes :)


memang cantik.. tapi lum ada ongkosnya.. nak cantikkan umah nie dulu at least cat umah utk letakan khat yg cantik day..ila mesti letak satau kat umah ila..

aimi said...


Liza Yati said...

Cant8knya Mira. Sgt2 berbakat la husband u. Boleh bukak galeri sendiri xlama lagi.


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