Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Malaysia International Halal Showcase 2014 - MIHAS

which was held from 9 Apr to 12 Apr at KLCC Convention Centre.  Honestly, I was not prepared to visit MIHAS until i came to know that one of my source of income, CocoDamia participated in this exhibition.

Plus, my colleague Naz agreed to accompany me to KLCC Convec. So there you go. 

Understand there were more than 600++ booths inclusive participants from 41 countries to showcase their products where mostly were beverages, processed foods, frozen foods, nuts.

since i love to eat, I did enjoyed visiting all the booths especially you could see the products which very difficult to find in the market.

Naz arranging her stuffs. tak sedar ok beli dah banyak :)

Me at CocoDamia's booth. Since I came during lunch time on Friday, I did not have the chance to meet the owner of CocoDamia as he went for Friday prayer. Currently, CocoDamia is introducing another product, chocolate bar - Krukk Krakk. If you would like to get a taste of Krukk Krakk, you may directly contact and visit http://iqcoklat.blogspot.com/  but of cos, if you would like to have the original package of CocoDamia you can contact me personally :)

and inilah yg i beli except for the Krukk Krakk :) oh i beli lebih, for the purpose of taking the picture, i just showed you one item each.. :) and my top favorite is Jackfruit chips.. sedappp okehh.. this is the product from Lea Frito.


Ezna said...

i suka cip nangka tapi i beli yg agromas punya. nowadays x jumpa pulak cip nangka agromas ni...

zety said...

ishk..tingin nk rs yg nangka tuuu

Mama Zharfan said...

i tak berapa minat choc..tp teringin gak nak try cocodamia tu one day :)


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