Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Journeys are made by people you travel with..

and usually, when we talk about journey, we talk about vacation. well, in actual fact, transporting from person A to destination B is considered journey kan. 

I'm not sure whether my husband knows that i really love traveling, except that during my gloomy days in 2011 to 2012 I was not able to perform any traveling due to the budget constraints. Being an unemployed, of cos at that time, I was more concern on how i could pay back my monthly commitments.

and so, the gloomy day is almost ended. Alhamdulillah. of cos with ups and down in working life. So.. selagi kaki boleh berjalan, i would love to explore the world.

Unfortunately, you know.. 

you cant get it all.. which along the journey, i learnt the word Redha.. and the more i learnt the word Redha, the more peaceful i am.. of cos as a human -- > with a slight frustration.

I accept the fact that I can only see the world based on Malaysia perspective, and maybe from the contest i may win or business traveling, not more than that.. lagipun "bukan tak pernah bawak kan" :)

so sekarang ni, kalau orang kata derang pergi Country A, country B, i memang belek gambar satu-satu. Gambar i suke, i simpan buat kenangan. You know, like a dream that will never comes true :). Dulu tak de macam ni sebab i rasa i boleh tercapai ke sana. of cos i have an option to go without the one i love, but i refused to.. lets go back with Journeys are made by people you travel with.. :)

Below pictures are taken during jalan-jalan makan angin around Melaka. Jalan-jalan guna kaki.. what a historical state, patutlah ramai orang suka datang Melaka.. Emir senyum sampai ke telinga, i senyum sampai ke pipi.. :)


Mama Zharfan said...

nice pic :)

Nad MamaZN said...

emir yg hepi =)

Ezna said...

emir dah sangat dewasa and handsome :-)


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