Tuesday, January 28, 2014

When New Year comes




and the list goes on..

Oh yes, it is work related. For some reason, I find that Im no longer the old Amira who used to be "go with the flow".. accept things even tho u dun think its right.. After giving so much space for people to pull me down (ya, i considered myself as lembik at work, in fact, my colleague called me Mighty Mouse), im now learning to be hati kering or hati pejal.. and guess what.. even tho im still not there (not up to the standard of hati kering).. i realized that i feel good about it after exercising some of the DOs  :) 

so the bottom line is.. you need to be selfish some time, all the time pun tak pe especially when it touches your future career development. i baru je belajar bende ni.. too late and i regretted some of my decision earlier on.. 

another thing... i have stopped to impress (bukan bodek ok) the main boss. penat giler tambah2 bila the result didnt turn out that well.. stress ok.. so starting early this year, i buat keje sebab i betul-betul ada keje regardless either the outcome is positive or negative. Apa yang i rasa.. the feeling is different, i pun tak reti nak describe.. walaupun hati ni rasa lagi jauh la dia nak nampak keje i... whatever it is.. i dont bother anymore.. i work for Allah, for family and for Emir.. 

till then.. daaa -- banyak keje ni.. 


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