Monday, November 11, 2013

Blogging Event: Philips AVENT "Mummies Day Out" Blogger Event

... which was held at Hilton PJ on 9 November 2013..

can i highlight something.. this event was the most event that i should remember... why???

I L.O.S.T my handphone...

Mobile phone which was a gift from Mr. Husband.. Sayang ok.. i jaga handphone tu betul2.. 

So, all the pictures here are courtesy from.

1. Zety -
2. Nadia -
3. Lizayati -

I was one of the earliest who came to this event. Actually i arrived at Hilton an hour earlier but Emir requested to buy some snacks first, so we went to convenient store and  makan dekat lobby.. 

The decoration, just love the balloon!! Helium balloon, nampak comel pulak, only two kids attended this event.. Emir and Liza's son Adam.. nasib baik, else Emir sure marah i.. anyway, Emir was not well, in fact he is absent from school today sebab demam.

and yada yada below is the last picture i posted on my instagram via my old phone!! A picture of mine with Chef Marina before the event started.. what a history kan..

The event started with a welcome note from Mr. Usman Qureshi, Senior Marketing Manager of Philips Consumer Lifestyle. In his note, he mentioned that Philips Avent is aware that first time mothers or young mother would love to search the best for their first child and Avent is on top of wish-list products. Memang betul pun.. :) 

Next session was conducted by Ms. Indra Balaratnam on Pregnancy and Breasfeeding. She has more than 15 years experience in the field of nutrition and dietetics. She conducts one-on-one and group dietary counseling sessions for clients with as weight issues (macam i lah), pregnancy, childhood and other.

Let me share some knowledge which i gained via her presentation.. 

Good nutrition is important for mum & baby's health because
1. Studies show what mothers eat and drink during pregnancy influences her baby's growth and development in the womb and for future health after birth 
2. a balanced & varied diet is key for health 

During pregnancy, woman needs enough protein, iron, DHA, folic acid and calcium. I just learnt that we cant take calcium and iron at the same time. Kalau kata makan supplement, calcium katelah makan pagi, iron tablet pulak makan waktu tengah, don't eat at the same time -- cant remember the reason.

Supplement also is important to ensure that we get enough food intake / balance during the pregnancy and it needs to be taken daily to be effective. Masa I pregnant dulu, i banyak ambik Amway Vitamins :).. Most of pregnant women experience morning sickness, a pregnancy discomfort. and again, i baru belajar, Ginger / Halia is helpful for relieving nausea..!

Now, after the baby is born, women now talks about breastfeeding. So, tips to improve milk supply mainly is we have to breastfeed frequently and ensure proper latch on - when breastfeeding, make sure that your baby is properly latched on to your breast.

After Ms. Indra's session, was presentation by Ms. Chin Suk Shyan on Philips Avent Producnts

Philips AVENT Comfort breast pumps - help mothers' milk to flow more easily. The only pump that allows mums to express milk in a comfortable, recline position instead of leaning forward.

Philips AVENT Natural Feeding Bottle - BPA Free - first major redesign in 29 years with easy latch on and high teat acceptance. Clinically proven to reduce colic. All the benefits of the Philips AVENT Natural range, made of fully recyclable, premium glass from France

Philips AVENT 4-in-1 Electric Sterilizer BPA Free - perfectly fits the items you would like to sterilize and takes up the least amount of kitchen. It used the hospital method of steam sterilization, which is quick, easy and effective, with no chemicals involved. Contents stay sterile for 24 hours if the lid is unopened.

After Philips AVENT presentation, barulah ada cooking demo with Chef Marina on Healthy Food for Pregnant Mothers...

Since the two boys, Emir and Adam sudah restless, Chef Marina called them to be her assistant.. Being Emir, trust me, dia jarang benor nak pegang-pegang wet food, makan nasi pun fork and spoon.. so tengok muka pun tau macam terpaksa haha..

Satu perkara yang saya suka pada Chef Marina adalah Chef Marina adalah sangat praktikal. Most of the mothers who attended this kind of event, we are busy mothers. Kurang masa untuk duduk lama-lama di dapur and trust me we really need something to help us... --- good products like Philips.

Ini namanya Vegetable Paella - 

which was cooked using Philips Viva Collection Electric Pressure Cooker HD2139

dan ini adalah gentelan dari Adam dan Emir.. Ini adalah seriousssssssssssss sedappp!!! Meatball. Emir tambah sampai 3 kali!!

Cooked with Philips Air Fryer. InsyaAllah I myself aim to buy this soon. Actually we all should own this to reduce our cholesterol.

Most of Philips products are user friendly and safe. Chef Marina kata, anak dia setiap hari guna, siap masak sendiri lagi, tak de masalah pun.. :)

Blogger event macam gini-lah boleh jumpa kawan-kawan.

Me with two beautiful ladies, Liza and Zety, with Liza's son - Adam.

Group photo.. 

with Chef Marina and Zety. Zety, i tak tau u tinggi ok.. :p

with Zety and my BFF, Ayu.. Tak sempat nak borak panjang dengan Ayu sebab dia kene balik cepat..

and............. this was the last picture before we went for lunch. Nampak tak apa i nampak? I was holding my phone.. still holding the phone... still.... 

before it lost :(

I was crazy searching for the phone, until Emir said

"i know you sayang your phone more than me right"

Alahai anak.... 


and this is our goodie bag...

Thank you Nadia, Liza and Zety for the pictures!

Hilton PJ staff who really helpful and care when I report on my lost phone (thanks, truly, I never expect that kind of "attention")


Philips AVENT for organizing this event.


Liza Yati said...

Alahai... nak buat camna kan dah tak dak rezeki phone tu. There is a reason. Just think positive.

Mira, I pun sama. Tekojut tgk Zety. Never expect dia tinggi camtu. Dlm gambar nampak cam tinggi2 kita jew. Haha.

Mama Zharfan said...

cian sgt kat u :(

goodies tu besh gak :)

mommyNadia said...

No prob beb. If u msg I, I can email you more pic during event and your hero as well =)

Anyway, sabar ek, InsyaAllah ada hikmah disebaliknya dear..


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