Friday, November 08, 2013

Berjaya Youth: Tioman Island Clean Up Day 2013 - Day 3 - The End

The last day was not just free and easy session. Indeed it was a memorable day to share. It was Snorkeling Day. First of all, it was not my intention to join this program together with the group as Emir was around. Honestly, I was not comfortable as I understand that this is a Youth Program. However, when I came to Dive Centre and asked the person in charge to separate me from the group, they were not really keen to do so because they were no one around to look after us. So, they themselves asked us to join the group else, I couldn't go for snorkeling. 

I would always want to bring Emir to any island for Snorkeling since now he knows how to swim, and I wouldn't know that this prize will come along. It just a dream comes true. I told him about snorkeling but he was not very keen since he said, beach is so wide, deep and he is afraid he will sink. Oh btw, Husband and brother were in the other boat.

Lama betul ok session nak confidentkan dia untuk snorkeling. From wearing the mask, gosh tell ya.. he  is like one chatterbox.. ok like a parrot, repeating the same words over and over again.. keep saying that "ibu loves to force me" "very painful to wear the mask" -- gosh all the negativity coming out from his mouth.. nak gigittt sangat.. and boleh pulak, i left his goggle in hotel's room. Lucky, the person sitting next to Emir, lend us her goggle.

When I went for snorkeling, this Sir beside Emir willing to entertain Emir.. ramai je orang layan Emir. and he was having so much fun fed the fishes.. Tengoklah tersenyum-senyum.. Masa ni I already told Emir, tak nak snorkeling tak ape.. But not sure, what triggered him, finally he agreed to go for a snorkeling..

Ok, kawan-kawan.!!!! yes, he loves it!! but unfortunately, tak sampai 10 minit session habis, and he cried!! because he only able to go for snorkeling in short period of time.. and he blame me not to ask the lifeguard to extend the time.. -- hish.. drama king betul.. i didn't take any pictures of him snorkeling because i was already in the boat and my eyes carefully looking at him...

InsyaAllah one day, I will bring Emir for a snorkeling again!

Our flight was scheduled at 1.50pm and we only got back from snorkeling at 12 pm. and we havent pack anything yet. Yerp, macam lipas kudung kemas barang, nak mandi lagi, nak check out lagi.. all in all, we managed to check out around 12.30pm and sadly we had to skip for our lunch as we were rushing to the airport..

the two heroes.. dah penat dah ni.. memang tak sempat pun even nak beli sotong kering ke apa. nasib baik, the day before, husband sempat jalan-jalan dan adalah beli sikit-sikit.. cukup cukup je nak bagi family..

Even though it was a short vacation for me, but seriously I was having so much fun. Once a while, your body need a break, be it in just one day, and I happy with it.. Esok hari Isnin keje je macam biasa..

All of us.. the winners together with Berjaya Youth person in charge.. Husband and Shahiran have built a good relationship with them.. Memang derang nampak very close together. One of them came all the way from Perak to join us here.

Thanks Berjaya Youth.. Till we meet again!! 

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Mama Zharfan said...

me pun teringin nak gi snorkeling tp kena tunggu arif besar dulu..


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