Friday, September 20, 2013

Living in the blogging world

oh well, one of my bosses found my blog and left her footprint here with a note "Cik mira.. Bru tau u ade blog.. Im following frm now.. " say hi with love to Kak Fara.. *gulp

again, another colleagues of mine visited my virtual home. am not sure how should i react. definitely, malu because i am a different person when i blogged. nak nak, blog i ni tak memberi faedah pun, just ramblings on my daily routine, sometimes miserable, sometimes happiness, grammars are all over, rojak definitely. so yes, im just a next door blogger who blogged to gain popularity :p 

no-lah, i used to have my own diary, but nowadays, diary is no longer relevant and my handwriting is getting worst! instead of having my own diary (kadang-kadang tak best sebab semua tu simpan dalam hati je) so its better for me to share my thoughts and express my feeling outside my system. I feel good when i keep repeating the same thing over and over again until the other person get the message macam...

"bestnye la hai kalau orang tu buat passport"

as a note readers, i have stopped initiate the conversation on passport with dear husband. despite im trying softly to persuade him to renew his passport in this small space, up until now, my effort doesnt seem to work. i definitely sure he does read this blog. :) 

or perhaps silent is the best treatment?

putting aside the passport issue, once again, it is impossible not to expect someone that i know notice and realize about the existence of this blog especially when i started blogging since the year 2003. ramai lagi kot yang senyap.. yes, i do appreciate your visit tapi... how should i put this.. to put a stop on blogging is defnitely a No-No, to private my blog is a No-No too. walaupun update pun sesuka hati, but deep in my heart, i love blogging. i love being in blogging world. merapu merapan and what not and not to forget, i love the money, the event that i earned from blogging. it is a rewarding experience.

and u know, betapa segan nya i mempunyai blog, i memang sangat jarang, i think less than 5 times kot sejak dari 2003 i shared my blog link in the facebook. Instagram, twtitter tak pernah lagi. itupun share sebab contest punya pasal. lepas habis contest, i akan delete the link :p

and its normal, when somebody informed me "mira, i semalam terjumpe blog u bila i google pasal ...." and my replied always be.. "oh ye ke, jangan beritahu orang i ada blog yer"


it just me i think :) padahal tak de salahnyer pun.. lagi popular blog tu, lagi banyak duit boleh dapat.. i know.. i mean takkanlah orang nak bagi tau orang lain "u tau tak mira ada blog" duhhh 

so.. what im trying to say?

i pun tak sure :p

till then..

daaa... :)


nurul zakiah said...

Hai ibu emir means Puan mira. I'am the one of your followers.Since year 2011 i read your blog.i really love your blog especially to know about emir.kirim salam kat emir ye. i'am teacher Nurul from sri bangsar.

Liz said...

hahaha, kak mira.. you're so cute! macam segan-segan bila orang jumpa blog.

my daughter's teacher pernah jumpa my blog dan depan parents lain dia boleh cakap, "Puan kan yang ada blog tu? Saya ada baca". Maluuuu....

Jiran pun pernah jumpa my blog... kalau diikutkan, ada je orang yang kita tak expect. Tapi lama-lama lali.

Jumpa? Takpe, tapi jangan bagi tau orang eh.. hehehe

nurul zakiah said...

Hai Puan mira. I follow your blog since year 2011.Really love your blog especially to know about emir story.heheheh please update bebanyak story pasal emir.hilang skit rindu.heheh FYI i'am teacher nurul. yang dulu pernah ajar emir mase di sri bangsar.Kirim salam kat emir. (",)

anak Wan Salleh said...

Teacher Nurul, gosh, you are here since 2011!! ok, malu lah pulak :) Teacher Nurul still in Sri Bangsar? hope everything is fine there. kirim salam dekat teacher-teacher yang l ain ya. selalu jumpe teacher Sue and Teacher Chris dekat Mid Valley sebab Emir ada piano class dekat situ.

insyaAllah, sekarang ni blogging pun suam suam je ni.. :)

anak Wan Salleh said...

Liz, u just show it.. ni teacher Emir baru keluar ni huhu.. now i know the *blush* feeling :D

Nad MamaZN said...

Suka bace entry ni :)

zety said...

apepon i ni peminat uu..hik3 ;p

Syima Emi said...

kak mira, u sama mcm i.. haha.. mmg x share link blog kat fb.. mcm segan la.. hahaha.. kalo i buka my blog kat laptop/pc org lain, i akan delete history semua hahaha..


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