Saturday, September 14, 2013

Kose Black is the New white Contest -- need your help

First of all, Im sucks at voting contest and to be honest I am not a big fan of voting contest. Nevertheless, I always avoid to be part of the voters except to my close friends. Usually, the same person will win this voting contest and trust me, most of top highest voters, they have their "public" secret weapon to win this highest votes contest. 

Fine, just forget about that, the important part here is, i am now participating an online voting contest. Yes, i know it is against my rules, but unfortunately, the prize is somewhat so tempting..!! and i just wanna give it a try!.

of cos i understand its impossible for me to be in top 6. sape lah nak vote untuk i, bukannya artis, bukannya blogger popular, bukannya cantik , rasa kalau dapat 30 votes pun dah bersyukur dah. but again, like i said, i wanna give myself a chance.

Jadi, dengan tulus ikhlas , saya nak minta vote untuk contest ini 

and the link is here

Of cos, if you haven't LIKE, then you need to LIKE the page first.. then the page may direct you to this page, or once you have LIKE the page, u can once again copy the link above, and terus ke sini 

and yours truly in TAB 2..

and my errr hitam picture is here...

meh close up sikit 

-sorrylah- i bukan model huhu..

just click at Love button tu untuk vote yer..

Thank you thank you thank you very much!!

Many many many thanks!!

FYI - sistem tak tunjuk berapa banyak orang dah vote, insyaAllah jika dapat hadiah idaman, akan ada sesuatu yang menarik untuk anda.. insyaAllah

Much love


mama tisya said...

dh vote..good luck

zety said...

mira..samelah!! tp i ttp vote n tlg close frens yg mntk tlg..hihihi..alldbest!

Mama Zharfan said...

good luck dear mira!!


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