Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I'm a blogger.

I am a blogger. Indeed an avid blogger for the past, let’s say 10 years, except now when I could not commit with the time. If someone had followed me throughout the years, I believe that I have changed in so many ways. Wherever I read back my old entries, I found out that last ten years even up until now, I am  still searching to find my way to position myself in this busy and unforgiving world.

In between, I learnt how life have driven me. At one time I might be at the top, and at the same time, I have experienced the lowest self esteem in me. Truly, life experience is priceless and I won’t trade that with anything. It seems that blogging helps me to open up my chest, at least to share and to express how I feel in a polite way. Well, sincerely, when emotions controls how I react, I probably shared the details of my feeling – something that I should avoid especially when I already reach my 30+. Age warned me to be more realistic though I agreed most of the entries are definitely tailored to my happy life.

The bottom line is, I am still not comfortable to tell the world (i.e. relatives, friends and colleagues) I own a blog. No doubt I would love this blog to be part of my solid side income, but to introduce Mr. A that I have a blog, for couple of reasons I feel queasy. J

Just a quick post – yes, something bothering me…AGAIN!!


Ezna said...

oh my....what happen mira?

zety said...

hmm..take a deep breath mira..bile bc n3 nih..mmg dpt rs there's something bothering u..hang in there my friend

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

homai...share with me dear

Mama Zharfan said...

my blog is my online diary..


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