Saturday, June 08, 2013

Me in online business..

ramai orang bertanya kenapa i venture into online business. to tell you the truth, i started doing online business way back then in 2007, masa tu online business bukan IN thing lagi.. i started with selling items that i bought during the warehouse sale and sold it back at a higher price but still much cheaper from the market price. and yes, it was a good market back then.

thereafter, i stumbled with the idea to sell online maternity clothes and Alhamdulillah, once again it was a good market and in fact, one of the famous English newspapers called me up for an interview, but unfortunately i declined as i was about to slow down on this business.. why??

first of all, it was not easy to handle customers, despite how many info I have placed on the website, still, the common questions that i received was "kalau orang size xx, tinggi lebih kurang x cm muat tak baju ni.." or after we took sometime to entertain them suddenly they decided not to buy.. hmmpph.. or kes-kes nak pulangkan baju.. 

ok, that was not the main issue.. memang hak pengguna pun kan nak tahu.. 

the main issue was when my mum brought up this conversation. I agreed that some of my maternity clothes adalah tidak mematuhi syarak hukum agama.. and honestly, the way i dressed up pun belum lagi apa yang agama kita mahu (insyaAllah.. satu hari nanti).. so mama kata, kenapa i nak memanjangkan dosa dosa I..

absolutely true.. of cos i can always sell baju baju yang tutup semua.. mana tahu my next project.. but not anytime sooner.. 

I moved on trying to concentrate on my Am*way.. but again and again.. it was not an easy market.. online Internet marketing is strictly prohibited and against the policy of the Company and I myself experienced receiving a love letter from them asking me to stop online marketing.. somehow, i still found a bit weird especially when other competitors has embarked and concentrate on online marketing. I understand that this year they have put extra initiatives by inviting few famous bloggers to review on Protein Powder (honestly, i love Nutrilite Protein Powder to the max) but you know it totally a different experience between you pay them to review your products vs people who actually used that products.. i think real testimonial is more convincing.. 

but anyway, i am still the distributor, memang gune tetiap hari pun.. and i do have the customers, but most of them are my returning customers.. 

- semalam punya order , Alhamdulillah--

and so.. let put aside my Amway stories.. :)

so, after few year sitting in front of the laptops, updating my blogs, stalking to someone's blogs, facebook, twitter and now instagram.. i think i should make money out from it.. 

i mean seriously..

but first thing first, i need to maintain and keep the momentum all the way for online business. 

as for now.. my first project is

Saya adalah stokis di Kuala Lumpur untuk CocoDamia

I have few projects coming in.. insyaAllah..and i am so excited about it.. after all i love online marketing.. 

but above all, i have this one wild online idea in my mind that I have kept it so very long.. susahnya nak execute sebab tak tau sape boleh tolong :)

oh not to forget, my project with Zety.. tapi zety ni macam susah je kan hahaha (kalau malas tu macam-macam alasan)..


Airin Diana Anuar said...

hi mira
its good for you to start it online. and im quite shocked to learn about the a*way not letting u do it online. why not? if it can get bigger audience, more customer, free marketing, why not kan?
and in fact, as for me, when i do it online, the time u took to "open your shop" only 2 hrs per day. with the right product, right time, right technique, im sure anyone can be successful.
Wishing you all the best mira!

ashra said...

potensi mira dlm on9 biz tinggi
mira kena truskan apa yg minat dr hati

mcm i
i x penah nampak jauh..diri dlm on9 lebih suka keje yg lebih privacy.
mgkn niat tuk jd penulis skrip drama..tetap jalan tbaik.bkn kerana duit..coz br nk mcube kan.blum dpt pulangan.hehe.
blum anto lg skrip minat dan cinta pd penulisan lg mdalam.dan cikgu skrip pun kata,i ada bakat tp blum matang dlm pngalaman.tu wat lg bkobar.

anyway,pcubaan ptama jual cekelat.alhamdulillah.tgl 4kotak.yay.but again,masih kurang minat dlm marketing.sob sob

just see how far..i boleh pergi.mane tau kan.
thanx mira..

Mama Zharfan said...

good luck mira!! me tak reti biz...setakat jual brg2 contest bolehlah hehhehe

mama_umar_maryam said...

mira!!! hahahaha..yg best kite ade saem frequency & jd stokis coklat!! really happy tau! semoga ni jd permulaan yg baik utk next project?? hmm...yup,tibe2 i pon rs mcm ssh..hahaha


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