Wednesday, April 10, 2013

a simple thank you..

each year i will received hundreds of emails asking about tax matters. its all happened after i have posted  step by step process on how to file your tax return in 2010. till them i became a free tax consultant. and so, during the first year (2010) i genuinely replied all emails pertaining to individual tax matters. 

honestly, year by year i dah malas.. 

firstly because.. some of them expecting the answer like nobody business.. :) 

"saya dah tanya banyak kali kenapa tak nak jawab"

wah.. :)

secondly, only 10% -- i repeat 10% would reply to me and say 

"terima kasih"
"thank you'

and this year, up to 10 April 2013, walaupun saya mengaku tak balas semua email2 atau note2 pertanyaan (selain kawan i) NONE.. i repeat NONE , tak dak .. ELEK.. yang kembali kepada i yang cakap THANK YOU.. 

Can you believe it.. :)

lepas tulis tulis (dalam sibuk2 i balas jugak ok.. i selalu balas dalam train)..


a simple thank you can create a cute smile ..

sekian terima kasih :)


Nad MamaZN said...

Btul tu, mira
Walau 2 perkataan tu jek pun
Mmg dpt buat kita tersenyum

wani said...

Thank you again, Kak Mira!! :) Seriously, can't thank you enough for your help before! XX p/s: Just realized it has been 2 years back when we chatted yet we haven't actually met (time maktab tak kire,lol)! My bad,hehe - Teh Z

Mama Zharfan said...

thank you...for being there :) :) have a nice day :)
lama kita tak dating ber4 kan..

Liza Othman said...

so true..
org kita memang berat sgt nk cakap 'terima kasih'

pelik sungguh..


wahhh ramai tanya pasal tax kat mira ye.. nak tanya jugakla haha

mama_umar_maryam said...

yess..ayat tu buat kite senyum spjg hari pon blh


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