Sunday, March 24, 2013

salam semua..

how's your day. mine, alhamdulillah. everything goes well, despite i was pretty busy with my work this week.. i mean real busy. bosses just got back from brazil last monday, and starting from tuesday, my schedule went crazy.. balik lebih pukul 8 malam .. i think i slept less than 3-4 hours per day and even worst khamis malam jumaat, pukul 2 tu i dah bangun n buat keje.. (not that "keje" yang hangpa dok pikiaq malam jumaat ok :)), but real life work.. and to top it all..

Saya demam..

sampai merah udang muke kene bakar, dengan bersin, dengan berhingus, dengan berkelubung (sejuk giler ok..) ikutkan hati, memang i dah layak sangat MC.. cos i was quite weak, but i dont think bosses agree with this idea.. n i pun tak nak MC, sebab memang banyak keje..not that because Malaysian filing deadline, but i have few other countries that im taking care of..

but anyway, to tell you the truth,.. i just love what i am doing right now. it was not easy for me in the beginning, i was having such a hard time to start from the bottom, especially with this low self esteem that "someone" has injected, but later, thanks to my new colleague who showed me the way to handle "someone" and of cos sharing her wide knowledge.

and slowly i learnt the hard way to love my work..

and Alhamdulillah, even though not there, but almost there i can say, i just love what i am doing.. of cos u always have ups and downs in between, but so long i got the pace.. im pretty happy..

kadang-kadang bila kite buat keje susah, kita akan tahu betapa berharganya duit yang kite dapat setiap bulan .. it is not an easy money definitely and i am pretty sure your other half would think the same way too.. but it is way better than you just sit around and doing nothing, gosip sana gosip sini, kutuk sana kutuk sini, benci sana benci sini, at the end of the day you get paid -- in full -- :)

i told my friend, life is never fair.. everyone has a fair share, u lebih sane, u kurang sini, u kurang sini, u lebih sana.. and jauh di lubuk hati, kite sendiri tahu mana kelebihan kita dan mana kekurangan kita.. cuma mungkin kita lupa nak measure,, so kene belajar untuk sentiasa bersyukur ..

anyway, what triggered me to write.?.. saya sudah banyak kali kedengaran orang bertanya "ok ke mira keje sana" and my answer always be "ok je, banyak keje laa, but ok laa"..

and that's the truth.. :)

and no kidding ..

and yes, in my old place, i never had a chance to learn.. in a way, i might say, i never got that trust :) when i left that place, i realized, hey my work last time was seriously a recurring work and still at the surface.

but.. that place was a place where i missed my relationship. we were really closed as colleagues last time, even until now we still contacted each other.. chit chat, phone call.. whatever will do.. gosh.. rindu waktu itu.. when it comes to warehouse sale.. it was a normal for us to sneakout kalau boss tak dak, and ambik cuti kalau boss ada.. :p

so, why i am still awake at this hour..

ape lagi, nak sambung buat keje..

till then .. daaaaaa


NazLurve said...

Hey bebeh, good to know that u finally got the hang of it. just a matter of time and now u already love ur job. u deserve it. all the tough beginning at first. It teaches u to be more independent. berkat kesabaran u. see, told u before disebalik all that happened, just do ur work kerana Allah swt. InshaAllah setiap usaha u akan mendapat keberkatan. again, i am so happy for u. doakan i jugak k. :)

Ezna said...

kerja keras u mira...moga semuanya berjalan lancar :-)

Mama Zharfan said...

take care yer mira

Abu Emir said...


mama_umar_maryam said...

:),terbyg2 dunia korporat yg high profile nih.heheh


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