Monday, March 18, 2013

Literally lazy

I'm not sure whether its a hormone, age or work that turn me to be a lazy person. Ok fine, lazy might be a strong word but I couldn't think off a better work to replace lazy. as everyone knows or I force u all to know that I only have one child.. Big enough for him to do everything on his own.. So yes, ladies, I already get back my beautiful n peaceful sleeps despite emir loves to wake up in the middle of the nite at least once - one think he can't change this sleeping routine..

Wats up next? N u know me working in that 88th building is not an easy job either. I have to face the fact that my profession requires me to go mobile n make the office as a second home. And truly my 8 hours (more actually) is like me running on a track especially in this particular month..

So each time I balik rumah, I would love to laze around, browsing my Instagram (I'm crazyyy bout this insta) n honestly I refused to do any housework.. Sikit2 tu adelah..Penat..

But I really know, it's not fair for my family. Husband n son deserved to have a home cooked meal or   Any other equivalent to it. I know things will be different if I hv a small child ;)

Seriously.. I don't like the feeling of being a lazy person because I knw I don't.. I've tried to blame my work but again pointing to other stuff doesn't seem to solve ur problem.. So what I can say

If u don't hv time.. "Bake" the time..



Mama Zharfan said...

i'm 'lazy' tido awal..then tak de masa nak buat contest :(

Abu Emir said...

sape cakap vini kite lazy... rajin jek.. :P

Abu Emir said...

mane kite punye komen :P


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