Friday, March 01, 2013

In feb n on the first day of march

A lot of things happened in february.. n yesterday.. my uncle menghembuskan nafas yg terakhir.. semoga roh arwah ditempatkan bersama orang yg soleh. He is a very nice man.. al-Fatihah

I will try my very best not to miss any single day of blog entry in march.. becos March is my birthday month.

N on the first day of march.. for the first time ever.. saya sangat kecewe sedih dan frust sebab kalah dalam contest. Yes contest Mamil Gold.. Boost your child's dream contest..

Minta maaf pada yg vote saya. I'm very sure I was on the top 3 highest voting.. n I just ruined ur chances to win rm200 hampers from Dumex Mama..sorry..

They might called me within that 3 days when I was in jakarta. I tak boleh buat roaming.. so I couldnt answer any call... but my email is always open if they want to send some notification.

But I might be wrong..

I am still sedih. Penat suruh orang vote tetiap hari..

Mungkin rezeki di lain waktu. 



Nad MamaZN said...

In shaa Allah ada rezki kat contest lain plak :)

Wansteddy Tales said...

mmg xadil langsung sis voting ni :(

Goh LinLin said...

if it's any consolation to you, life has a way of working out eventually. I believe that when things don't go our way, something good is on the way. Think positive, ya ?

zety said...

xpe mira..u've done ur best!inshaa Allah ade rezki lain k


Walau kta2 ne selalu diungkapkan tetapi ia adalah kenyataan mira- mira akn dpt rezeki di tempat lain.yakin ye..

contest yg ila benar2 frust adalah dumex yg en husin menang keta.ila tk hrap pun menang gp.ila nk voucer coth mamoth tak menang pun..n... within 10 minit ila dpt msg dpt cash 1k dr sumber yg lain n sma nilai dgn voucer tue.. kita tak nmpk yg di hdapan.. sbr ye mira..


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