Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Ascott Jakarta

Ok, let me settle down with what I have in hands in February. Yes, february seems a very hectic month for me. with workloads, with my unstable  health, with the brother's wedding preparation - all comes at once. Alhamdulillah, in between, I still have some space to breathe.

And so, I had to go for business trip. Honestly, unlike my "younger" years where i look forward to be on biz trip, when the age hits in, I felt like a big burden lying on my shoulder. To add, it was a last minute decision that I had to go, and it was just two days after my brother's wedding, in which i was supposed to be on leave untuk relax2.

anyway, i was happy because my sister, Ainaa joined me for the trip. Of cos, not with the work. well, just a stepping stone for her to get free accommodation. already warned her that I have no time to teman her for shopping, but she firmly said, she would survive alone!! and she did.. berani tu jalan sorang2 dekat jakarta..-

we went there on the 26 feb, and only arrived at the hotel around 8 pm local time. pagi tu i pergi keje lagi ok. at first, i booked grand hyatt, then kempinski hotel, but unfortunately, the hotels were fully booked. not too sure what event was in indon on that date..

but yes, Ascott adalah sangat best!!

-warning dulu ya.. kali ni banyak pulak gambar i sorang-sorang :p
talking about the hotel, welll honestly it was not really a hotel, it is a service apartment, located strategially at the heart of Jakarta. less than 5 minutes walking from Grand Plaza Indonesia.. actually Grand Plaza is just opposite Ascott.

Masuk-masuk je, we were like -- jakun!! besar giler and spacious.. we didnt even look at the view.. terus masuk dari bilik ke bilik to check everything!!

masa ni, terus cakap dalam hati -- kalau lah bapaknya dan Emirnya ada.. sure best..

So here you go.. all the pictures in the room for your reading pleasure.. :p

The living room

Me in the master bedroom.. Of cos i chose this room kan

in the second room.. Mimi tido sini

Ada washing machine, ada dryer, ada pantry.. but I didnt have that time to do my laundry.. tak sempat.. balik kerja pun dah malam..

 and the best part, dalam bilik air semuaaaaanyaa adalah L'Occitane :p so of cos lah the next day tu i dah simpan semua dalam beg untuk dapat the new stock :D, masa cleaner datang tu mimi was in the room, so mimi siap kiasu mintak lebih.. and of cos dapat laa .:D

Overall, i seriously satisfied with the hotel despite that tripadvisor doesnt say so.. but it all up to you.. for me, im quite happy with the pillow (of cos) :)

maybe the negative side that i could think of was the breakfast.. kecik je breakfast dia, bukan macam hotel2 besar..

after all.. if I got more money to spend on hotel in Jakarta,i will choose Ascott.. selesa.. senang..

and it just less than 10 minutes away from Tanah Abang..

-nanti i cerita- :)


MrS. F!zA said...

cantik master bedroom..luas..

Mama Zharfan said...

waaa sgt besh set toiletries tu :)

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

mak aihhh sgt best hotel ni...Loccitaine tu!!!

Nad MamaZN said...

Besarr bilik dia! Best!

Ezna said...

besarnya hotel ni....nampak cantik!!!

nadia said...

kak miraaa, berapa 1 malam hotel ni? macam bestttt je.

Wan Amira said...

salam nadia.. in total 3 hari dua malam dalam usd350 macam tu .. ok kan


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