Saturday, January 05, 2013

Winning entry: Haagen Dazs Consolation prize winner - 2012

it is normal for some active compers to be disappointed with the result announcement.. Generally, I am sometimes one of them. 

and let's cut the story short.. i was one of the consolation prize winner for Haagen Dazs contest which was held until end of November last year, ok, obviously i couldnt remember the due date, but one thing for sure, i submitted the entry on the last date at KLCC's outlet --  typical me..

and this is one of few contests that require quite a big amount of POP (proof of purchase). RM50 per entry, and at that time, i contributed RM65.. banyak tu.. but thinking that i might grabbed the grand prize which was a full paid expenses trip for two to Abu Dhabi.. so i tried.. u know Dubai is my dream country to visit, dun ask me why i get so attracted to Dubai.. :)

with a happy heart, i received a call from the representative and she informed that i was selected as one of weekly prize winner.. 

frustrated - of cos.

but, anyway, being part of the winners - im satisfied..

so, with a clear mind, i know i would received a travel guide..

So, one fine day, hubby agreed to drive me to the The Gardens.. and I couldnt find my way to the office. Yes, I did see General Mills, but i didn't know they are Haagen Dazs distributor ;p. 

But anyway, the prize,its merely 3 travel guides to London, New York and Paris, and the details are quite difficult to read.. tulisan panjang panjang.. and honestly, i don't ever think that the guide is useful -- :) - internet di hujung jari anda..

Click for a better view why i find this travel guide is not so user friendly..

On top of that, i just love the box, luckily i have this hard cover magnetic box. else muka i mesti masam :) datang penat-penat dapat travel guide tu je , at least i can put some small stuff in this box inside my bag..

Anyway, this is still not the 2013 winning, i know i have a long way to go..

But again, this is my second winning from Haagen Dazs contest. First winning contest from Haagen Dazs - - ni bebaloi sangat..


Mama Zharfan said...

congrats mira :)

mama tisya said...

tahniah bff julia menang gk tp die ada dpt voucher crabtree rm 200

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

tahniah beb


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