Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A short trip to Bangkok

how short is short.. 

well, our flight was delayed for 20 minutes.. safely arrived at Bangkok's airport and directly went to our Thailand's office. after introducing myself, i quickly setup my laptop and presentation, and yes without a break, terus meeting..

no lunch break, we had our lunch during the meeting itself and the meeting went on until 5pm. i mean 5 pm Bangkok's time. when the meeting was over, we already hit the peak hours in Bangkok and later that I know  that peak hours in Bangkok is triple the time our traffic here.

and so, I was trapped in the traffic for nearly 2 hours when the normal journey is only around 10 minutes from our office to Landmark Hotel in Bangkok. Check-in but was unable to enter my room since we had to rush for the dinner with the orang besar-besar di sana..

Went to Nana District and understand that's the only street where you can find Halal food. I had a yummy Nasi Arab. Sorry no pictures here only part of the food. What else tummy can say when we only paid the bill at 9.40 pm..

As my flight back to KL would be at 8 am the next morning, so I had only that night to spend and of cos searching for my Hard Rock's magnet. well honestly Hard Rock's shirt ada je kat tepi-tepi jalan, but the feeling to buy inside the real Hard Rock adalah berbeza :p

Thank God, one of my colleague agreed to accompany me. I took a skytrain and stopped at Siam. Took a while before we found Hard Rock shop.

Outside, there was a crowd, with reporters and cameras.. sungguh i tak kenal this lady, orang lain dok kerumun, i dengan kawan sibuk ambik gambar dekat sini since this was the only lighting place to get a nice photo. hehehe.. but anyway, Thai people, kulit mereke adalah sangat gojess.. halus mulus dan flawless..

 and this adalah berlatarbelakang shopping mall yang happening dekat Bangkok, tak masuk sebab dah tutup..

then, jalan2 dekat luar hotel, ala-ala Petaling Street, or Batu Feringghi night market. bought some souvenirs and only entered my hotel room at 1 am Malaysian time, 12 am Bangkok's time.. masuk, duduk sekejap buat report, and tak sampai satu page, terus tidooo..

found out i only took one photo in this comfort room. i dapat double bed, sebab King's bed semua bilik dah penuh..

and bangun pukul 5 pagi, terus check out, and masuk ofis pukul 3 petang... 

and balik pukul 8 malam on that day..


of cos..

cuma ingat kita ni nak cari rezeki halal.. 



Nad MamaZN said...

yg membaca pun terasa penatnya..

Mama Zharfan said...

very short and packed one :) tp ok gak sbb obersi heheh

Merlyn Hasshim said...

semput membaca.. apatah lagi yang mengalaminya

~aYu~ said...

mmg betul2 bisnes trip ni.. :)

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...


ni ala2 meeting semua kat obersea...dah heheheheh



ashra said...

penat tapi syiok gaks..kalu tak bila lagikan...
hard rock youuu...hehe.


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