Monday, December 17, 2012

Winning entry: Dominos Pizza Party

I received a call a day before the event where I just got to know about my winning the day before. Not sure when was the result announced but again, I missed the boat.. and so, this is the winning picture.. 

It's an Instagram based contest and that was my very first picture in Instagram -- of cos yours truly signed up Instagram specifically for this contest ... fyi, i submitted on the last day (as usual my trademark) and  learning to post to Instagram on the submission day adalah sangat tidak kelakar and the worst part.. 

I ambik gambar sendiri

and Alhamdulillah, at least I managed to grab one of those prizes..  using Mr. Husband's compact camera which he won from Perbadanan Putrajaya. and that's my aim, this camera must be able to let me win something.. and it works :) of cos I do want the cash knowing that I'm so broke after all the road trips from north to south.

and Alhamdulillah, the party was held near to our crib - at Dominos Mont Kiara outlet, and so I invited my brother, Shahiran to join us , lagi ramai lagi meriah.. 

We thought we were late, but hell no, we were the first to arrive.. among all winners only three of us from Klang Valley, so can I just say - eat all you can..

They were 4 staff waiting for us and all of them sangat friendly. 

Emir as usual, with his iPad.. 

The Sibling.. :) one with stripes and one with boxes :)

The first food to arrive..
Starter Box - Awesome Foresome worth RM44.20

Then Spicy Sambal Thin Crust 
Large - RM32.80

The food was ordered by lovely staff, so we just had to enjoy the food..

Next - actually served at the same time 
Classified Chicken Classic Hand Tossed - Large RM32.80

Suddenly Emir pandai pulak cakap

"Can I have seafood pizza" 

ok saya malu, but then the staff terus order

Seafood Delight Regular worth RM23.80 khas untuk Emir

We were like.. banyak nye .. even my brother yang kuat makan pun dah tak sanggup dah.. anyway, kiterang pun dapat 2 sets of Breadstix

and finally, we ended the session with 

Banana Kaya Dessert. ..kalau ikut menu, Dominos only has Personal Pizza tapi yang ni dapat Regular punya..

I don't know about you but I love this banana kaya.. 

Emir too enjoyed the food

Me in action..

Me after the action.. kenyang gile ok..

of cos we couldnt finish it all, tapau bawak balik dan semua tu i pass to my brother suruh dia makan dengan kawan-kawan dekat kampus.. mesti terus habis punya (memang pun)

So after makan session, I received my official prize from Dominos :)

and it is

1 Free Large Pizza
1 Regular Pizza

Alhamdulillah dengan rezeki yang diberi..

Thank you Dominos Malaysia..


Eliss Mie said...

sedapnya makan pizza percuma :) lama x makan kat domino :) congratz !


:) best makan guna hadiah yg dimenangi

Wansteddy Tales said...

Tahniah mira :D memang berbaloi join cnts ni ^^

mama tisya said...

tahniah mira..ada tgk contest ni tp sbb kena snap gmbr thru instagram

Nad @ MamaZN said...

Tahniah mira!=)

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

best woooo

MeRy said...


yumielufya said...

bestnya makan-makan..nk jgk!hehe

Ezna said...



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