Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The Little Big Club Malaysia Experienced -- Part 3

Since we entered at 2pm, we only managed to catch Barney's show, but yes, I bet Barney is the highlight of the day.

and yes, Emir was having a great great fun, in fact I fell in love with the Barney too :p rasa macam budak kecik yang mimpi jadi kenyataan tengok Barney.. :)

When Barney came out to the stage, the children were screaming... to them, Barney is a superstar..!!

But Emir on the other hand.. as usual, he was afraid of the mascot.. besar panjang pun penakut lagi, yes, he was hiding behind Papa

can you see the kids, a staff has to kindly asked the kids to move backward..

But not long enough, Emir slowly step forward nearly to Barney

Ok, seee makin dekat kan...

and the crowd

and Emir tengoklah, pelan-pelan tengok Barney dari jarak dekat... 

and of cos Barney ended his/her 30 minutes show by singing the  most lovely song.. I love you, you love me, we are happy family.... 

and when the session ended, 

Dapatlah Emir merasa tangan Barney!!

and ... of cos, they were few kids crying ok sebab Barney dah habis...... :)

seeee worth it right... else you have to pay quite a big amount of money for Barney's show..

Next -- I will update.. tips to The Little Big Club..


Mama Zharfan said...

waaa my zharfan sgt minat barney masa dia kecik2 :)

Jojoe said...

suka. cant wait next update

mama_umar_maryam said...

hmm..tgh dilema ni mira, legoland or little big club je..hmm..

Ezna said...

WAHHHHHH ....me pun suka gak kalau dpt jumpa Barney. Dania tak takut maskot. Kang siap dia tarik2 ekor Barney lagi haa...hehe :-)

mama tisya said...

tisya minat barney gk ..akhirnya emir dpt gk p dkt ye


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