Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Big Bad Wolf Madness

Bought few books as if I do hv time to read..

Allah provides us 24 hours per day.. kite je tak tau utilise it wisely kan...

and so, we went on the last day, and as expected, the traffic to Mines was pretty bad but it was paid off when we managed to grab the free parking ;p

the crowd? honestly, i was quite happy to see there is still reading circle among us despite the statistic shows Malaysia as one of the countries with  lack of readings.

for the first hour, Emir was occupied with his books.. anyway, Emir has this one habit, kalau nak beli buku, he must must read the book first, not only the cover, not only the back, but the whole book.. then only he decides whether we should buy or not. as the years goes by, I know the type of book he likes.. it must be about the plane, or any story which has more pictures in every page with big letters .. :) 

sungguh-sungguh anak i baca .. 

but it only last for the first hour.. lepas tu dah panas bontot dia nak masuk playground, since I have yet to hunt for my books, so i dengan rela hati for the first time ever, tinggalkan Emir dekat tempat mainan macam ni. I tak pernah lagi tinggalkan Emir, kalau nak pergi mana, i akan tunggu sampailah habis, kalau dua jam, dua jam lah, but this time, i had no choice ;p itupun, being a paranoid mother, sepuluh ribu kali kot i cakap budak-budak kat situ - "jangan bagi budak ni keluar dari sini" -- "are you sure its safe here" haha

mahal ok.. satu jam sepuluh ringgit!! and Emir was there for 2 hours!! sikit lagi nak sama dengan mega kids.. at least megakidz has a nice playland area.. ni ala-ala Jusco punye tempat mainan tu..

hasil tangkapan kami hari tu..

for him...

for Emir

and for yours truly :)

cukup buku untuk 2013 :D


juelee said...

Best.. sy pegi 3x and each time tgan full.. puas membeli hehehe

Mama Zharfan said...

waaa byknya novel tu hehhehe

Ezna said...

wahhh banyaknya buku!!!

Nad @ MamaZN said...


AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

i tak berkesempatan mira...bestnya tgk u sopping buku


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