Monday, November 05, 2012

Quick Bites Publika

I discovered this sandwich, few months back when I was searching for an affordable dinner at Publika.. :) So, i found this Halal signage restaurant near the lower ground escalator and hubby agreed to give it a try.

as far as I can remember, I ordered lemon grass chicken - if im not mistaken ala carte cost me around RM8.80..

even though the lemon grass taste was quite strong, but one thing for sure, I just fall in love with the bread.. yes, you read it right.. --- the bread!!!

The bread is freshly bake and for me, the taste is between baguette and normal bread.. serious sedap, tak boleh nak cerite :p

But for the next visit, Im no longer choose lemon grass sandwich, instead i choose classic chicken.. baru kene dengan tekak.. 

and the rest is history..

the best part, it is a healthy dinner for yours truly :), Emir as usual, he always opt for healthy meal, so this is one of his fave..

They have set menu for classic chicken at RM13.50 (sandwich + shrimp roll + drink), in fact i pun suke this shrimp roll..

tak salah i, Quick Bites originally comes from Vietnam..

Kalau pergi Publika, cubalah try.. :)


Mama Zharfan said...

nampak yummy :)

Nina @ BabyBoon said...

ooh spring roll yg tak bergoreng tu is da bomb! sgt suka! mira kalau u suka vietnamese noodles, cuba restoran vietnam Pho' Hua (eh betol ke spelling ni) kat tropicana city mall..


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