Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Emir last report card's day as kindergarten student..

Macam sekejap je kan masa berlalu, thank God i actually posted an entry on his first report card day way back in 2008, when he was 2 years old.. time flies and now, Emir hits his last report card session as a kindie student.. 

Where the time goes? :(

as the year goes by, Emir sekarang dah pandai, every time before I met his teacher, regardless for any occasion, he would remind me

"Ibu, please tell only the good thing about me"

tell you, every time ok, and everytime here means, nak tidor, dalam bilik air, nak makan, nak minum, he would constantly remind me until i get annoyed hahaha..

there was one time i accidentally shared his bad behavior, not that bad, just his teacher asked what his activities at home --> play game, and he was then in bad mood for the whole day ok.. mogok lapar, mogok minum.. :) -- ok im exaggerate, but mogok lapar tu iyer, mogok perangai pun iyer, mogok minum tak lah.. 

and below here is Teacher Asmitta, his class teacher for 2 years.. very dedicated and a loving teacher.. she was one of the teacher who knows emir since Emir first stepped in this school. she was one of the teacher who actually witnessed Emir's development.. 

Emir as usual, each year, I always received the same comment from the teacher, he loves to ask, and does not afraid to ask when he is in doubt... unlike the mother yang duduk diam je kalau tak paham.. if you see the picture below, teacher Magesh, was consoling Emir.. we were talking about his new school - i mean the primary school, and the teacher said

"u dont miss us ok, if u miss us dont forget to drop by here"

and Emir, being a sensitive kid, his tears slowly rolling down on his cheek, i pun dah start sebak.. mana taknya Emir membesar memang dekat sana, belajar cakap pun dekat sana, belajar berkawan pun dekat sana, belajar pergi toilet pun dekat sana, imagine dari umur setahun setengah, now after 5 years, Emir has to move on.. 

In fact the teachers pun dah start sebak.. tengok lah teacher Nurul, dah pegang tissue.. 

It is not easy for me as a mother to release him from loving and caring teachers, it iss not easy for Emir to leave this school.. seriously, it is not easy.. i selalu terfikir macam mane lah Emir dekat sekolah betul nanti...

Emir with all his teachers, still sedih-sedih sampai tak nak tengok kamera.. from left Teacher Mages, his class teacher @ 4 years old and is still teaching Emir until now, next Teacher Nurul - Teacher bahasa and agama.. another teacher who always keep an eye on Emir. Teacher that helped Emir to achieve 1 month fasting.. next teacher Asmitta and lastly teacher Alissa

and this is Teacher Alissa, teacher yang ajar Emir on pronunciation, reading, grammar dan sewaktu dengannya . Bila tengok buku Emir, i pun macam .. mak aiii 6 tahun dah belajar macam ni...

While I was busy discussing with Emir's teachers, Emir on the other hand asked for the camera, and when I looked at it, this is what he captured..

His friend Akif and his father.. Akif ni pun dari 2 tahun setengah ada dekat sini.. membesar sama-sama dengan Emir..

Emir and Akif's father.. 

with Akif and Akif's sister.. Emir ni memang small size rasanya .. 

tempat Emir membesar lagikan dikenang ...


Jojoe said... sedih
darjah 1 next yr? aiyo.. so soon

Mama Zharfan said...

sek betul nanti biasanya moreee challenging...esp kalau ada yg suka buli org lain..

Nad @ MamaZN said...

Saya pun ikut sebak... =(

mama_umar_maryam said...

erkk..sebak plak tgk emir tunduk camtu..act i pon risau bile nnt umar nk naik primary school, suasana kt kindy positive & teachers prihatin..kt primary..hmm..

Anje a.k.a Mummy_Balqis said...

sedeynya tgk emir nangis mmg cpt touching la dia....

hunny said...

Maaf lambat sangat. Emir kindy mana ya


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