Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A day when I asked the teacher to snap some pictures for me...

it was on the last day of school, which was end of last week.. remember the day when i was really semangat to bake three different types of cupcakes for Emir's school party.. 

That day I was working and of course I couldnt afford to wait until 10.30 am for snack time, so I kindly asked the teacher whether it was OK to leave the camera with her..

and obviously I was hoping that the teacher snap at least a picture during cupcake decoration time :)

well, let starts the day with my only pirate in the house..

all props are the goodies from Jake's party.. even though I know not all children dressed up, but since I have something in my wardrobe.. so why not kan.. + Emir pun ok je..

with one of the teacher.. by the way, every morning, one teacher will check the kid's temperature.. so kalau high temperature, budak-budak kene balik.. kind of strict but it is the best the school can do after experiencing multiple HFMD cases.

so, let's enjoy the pictures..  ini semua hasil tangkapan dari cikgu Emir..

unfortunately, takde gambar masa cupcake decoration, its ok, i know teacher might be very busy handling the kids.. 

and..... inilah kisah Emir .. even though Emir will be here until end of December, but some of the kids may no longer joining the school's holidays program.....

antara rakan-rakan Emir.. 


Ezna said...

alamak...handsome pirate ni =)

Mama Zharfan said...

sweet & happy pictures :)


cutenye emir

Shareena zul said...

He's soooo handsome la mira:)


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