Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Renaissance Hotel KL || The Hotel

Akhirnya dapat jugak redeem voucher penginapan 3 hari 2 malam di Renaissance KL :) Thank you to Mercy, staff in charge in arranging for my booking which was done one day earlier :p. So, since I didnt have plan to take any leave, and hubby was ok to check in on Friday, so there you go..

where 1612 is ours from 5 to 7 October 2012, but unfortunately due to work commitment, i couldnt enjoy the view on Friday evening.. I only reached the hotel at 10pm, but hubby and Emir dah check in dari pukul 5 petang..

luckily the bed was not in the mess :) due to the reason because this hotel provides FREE internet connection, so both of them were glued to their on iPad / tab.. kalau tak sure depa dah sibuk bergusti kot ;p

See, papa at that corner, and Emir at this corner.. they played the same game ..

and because I was not shortlisted for Kleenex Makeover Bathroom contest, :D so biarlah i abadikan gambar2 bilik air hotel.. just love the deco.. ada bathtub kat belakang pintu..

the breakfast area - the Vogue Cafe.. not so bad, but seriously on Saturday morning, memang tak dak langsung orang malaysia.. Hubby, Emir and I were the only Malay malaysian hehe

Me and sleepy Emir.. tido lambat kene pakse bangun awal, itupun dah janji dengan dia tak boleh nangis-nangis.. else, Ibu nyorok Tab :p -- yeah sometimes kene ugut sikit :p

The pool.. cantik kan..this picture was taken early in the morning.. nanti in later post, tunjuk gambar Emir pulak main2 dekat pool.. besar poolnyer..


and our hotel view :) Sebijik KL Tower depan mata :d


Nad @ MamaZN said...

wa...bestnye mira!!
gmbr bawah sekali nice! :)

Ezna said...

amboiii rest and relax gitu :-)


hihi bestnye out station dekat2 FOC hihi

mama_umar_maryam said...

luasssss bilik!!suke!


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