Thursday, October 18, 2012

note for today.. train and laptop

i was late.. quite late especially knowing that my bosses are not around.. arrived at bangsar station around 8.30 am and was welcomed by the crowd..

ok.. station rosak.. again.. to be fair, not always, but i think it usually happened during peak hours, either when people rushing to go to work or coming back from work..

but today adalah sangat extraordinary.. letih ok berdiri... i only arrived office at 10 am,  i spent 1.5 hours standing straight macam pak pacak.. sakit kaki ok.. hoping that anyone can offer me a seat, but a good news that i assumed, they dun think i am pregnant :p bagus la kan -- takcukup gemuk untuk orang kate i pregnant.. question, kalau berdiri tak buat ape2 berapa banyak kalori terbakar? hehehe

and the best part.. sampai-sampai office, i saw my drawer key "dancing" on my drawer.. another panick mode.. slowly checked my drawer anddddddddddddd

my laptop was not there!!!!






My first reaction..

habis la all the documents.. my email and my work!!!

and my next question...

"i kene bayar balik ke ni"

ok enough to make everyone a good wake up call..

Until a friend of mine asked me to call security..

in case they have it..

I called the number..

and tada..........

Laptop adalah bersama mereka....

Mungkin saya adalah sangat clumsy - semalam balik lambat, so nak cepat je turun bawah, i lupe nak simpan laptop.. main tinggal atas meja je kot..

and another note.. maluuuuuuuuuuu ok ...



hari nie kawan2 ila yg naik lrt semua lambat ..

Nad @ MamaZN said...

Fuhhhh!? Naseb baek ada.

Mama Zharfan said...

nasib baik

Ezna said...

nasib baik time no rush ya....hati hati....

kemma said...

yang baca pon cemas jugak..sbaik ada


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