Monday, October 01, 2012

Budget 2013 - the other side of story

Understand that some of you may get the benefit from the budget announcement..

Me, on the other hand, nothing left for me.. Ape pun Alhamdulillah dengan rezeki yang ada.. Cuma I kind of like hmm, those people who spend their entire day melepak di kedai kopi, merempit di jalanan at midnight, kebas duit bini and wat not, definitely for me they do not deserve the BR1M version 2.0. but enough said, we talk budget in totality, so there you go our tax payment.

Secondly, i was "locked" in bangunan 88 tingkat until 11++ midnight to summarize the budget whichever related to the Company. It was tensed, ye lah, hari Jumaat,  masing-masing nak balik cepat, yet has to sit down and forcing our brain to function.

As you know, the sugar has increased since the government has taken out the 20 cents subsidy which consequences to this, of cos all makanan dan minuman akan naik dengan mendadak. My mum on the other hand, sudah reduce kan penggunaan gula di rumah.. which is good in a certain way..

And yes, the budget looks good -- definitely on Paper.. But do you know, that you need to look at Finance Bill to analyse the details of the budget..

and tadaaaa you will surprise to read that....

the real budget is not as simple, as good, as nice as it sounds.. :) Go read it if you want to find out why :)

to me, this budget honestly lebih kepada nak tarik perhatian pengundi untuk mengundi parti itu -- well, PM has make it obvious at the last of his presentation, which i personally think is not appropriate... :)

but to the existing company in Malaysia, this budget buatkan mereka-mereka tarik nafas banyak-banyak

The End..


Sidratul Muntaha said...

kalau orang salah tafsir your entry..
mgm la klu sape pro kerajaan akan hentam you balik.
in my case..
dia beri.kita amik.
keje ttp keje.
lagipun keje university.
still facing lots and lots of audit, accreditation,evaluation.
klu keje dgn ikhlas kerana Allah..
dpt tak dpt kita akn rasa cukup.
but I cannot agree more with in terms of pancing and gula2..
speaking of gula..
fening la..

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said... lagilah tak reti pasal budget2 ni

Merlyn Hasshim said...

budget ni mmg obvious sekali utk memberi gula-gula , namapun budget terakhir sebelum PRU seperti yg diwawarkan oleh pembentang budget... hehehehehehe

azelyusoff said...

alangkah bagusnya jika bajet diberikan lebih kepada kementerian yang memerlukan. contohnya kementerian kesihatan. sedih mengenangkan setiap kali berada di hospital/klinik kerajaan. sistem yang kurang effective, fasiliti yang dah uzur. belum lagi ambil kira bilangan pesakit yang bertambah. hmmm...

BabyBooned said...

I frankly did not like the budget. My analytical skills memang non-existent but to me this is not the way i want my tax money to be spent. I want something more long-term, more allocated to public health benefits and somethg for the lowest income groups. But then thats just me, seorang yg tak pandai beranalisa budget but i just compare to how countries like australia can provide so much health benefits for their ppl. Hah kan dah mula merepek. Heh..


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